Leg Bustin’ Super 21

27 Degrees and frosty
Welcome and Disclaimer
The Thang
Two pax made their way down the river bank for a little pre warm up stretch.
Stretch-o-rama / COP
Each stretch held for a 20 count to get the muscles loose
– Toe Touch
– Loose Hang
– Baseball stretch
– Quad Stretch
– Upward Reach
– Tricep
– Across Chest Arm Stretch
As we started to get moving ChuckE and Burner mosey up crusty eyed and ready to work hard.
– SSH x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– High Knees x 20
– Wide High Knees x 20
– SSH x 20
– Ass Kickers x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– Squat Jumps x 15
– Diamond Merkins (4 count) x 15
– Carolina Dry Docks x 15
– Merkins x 15
– LAC x 20, forwards and backwards
– Chinooks x 20, 1 way
– Moroccan Night Club x 20
– Wide Merkins x 15
Mosey to the big field next to the boat ramp.
Leg Bustin’ Super 21
Super 21: Do 1 exercise followed by 1 of a different exercise; 2 / 2; 3 / 3, etc., etc. ……. up to 21 of exercise1/ 21 of exercise2 (total of 231 a piece).  To make things a bit more difficult we added an approximate 50 – 100 yard sprint between each repetition.
Exercises utilized for this round of super 21:
– Squat Jumps
– Lunges
Mosey over to the rock pile a quick arm circuit after our legs were blown to bits. The pax were instructed to pick a rock.
– 5 bottom curls
– 5 top curls
– 10 fulls curls
– 20 Merkins
Rotate around the circle now using your neighbors carefully chosen rock, this keeps the pax honest and hard working.
repeat until you feel like moving on.
Mosey to the Gazebo
Ring of Mary
Angus Out

Round Robin

The Scene: Thick overcast, mid-40’s and a light drizzle fo shizzle
Dynamic Stretch Routine and then quick lap around the parking lot, as Burner anticipated a few possible stragglers; no dice…
Warmup: 15 SSH (IC), 15 IW (IC), 15 High Knees (IC), 15 Wide Knees (IC), 10 Good Morning Abby with Squat Jump, 15 BAC (Fwd/Bkwd; IC), 15 Moroccan Nite Club
3 Rounds of exercise packs are each completed twice for 6 total
Round 1 & Round 2:
* Squat Jump x 10 OYO
– Merkins AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Lunge AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Jack Knife AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– SSH AMRAP (60 Seconds)
Mosey to tennis courts
Round 3 & Round 4:
* Split Squat Jump x 10 OYO
– Merkin with Arm Raise AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Side Lunge AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Hillbillies AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– High Knees AMRAP (60 Seconds)
Mosey back to shovel flag and circle-up under pavillion as the rain started to commence ever so slightly.
Round 5 & Round 6:
* Tuck Jump x 10 OYO
– Spider Man Merkin AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Rotational Lunge AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Standing Leg Raise AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Burpees AMRAP (30 Seconds)
Finished with Squats for remaining one minute
– Count-o-rama
– Name-o-rama
COT – Discussion about friendships and Gus’ random act of kindness earlier this week to help me out; perfectly illustrating what F2 really means. I’m ever so grateful for this group and for the impact that F3 has had on me. I can’t wait to be in Gus’ shoes for someone else to cement the purpose of devoting our time and effort in becoming and developing HIM’s

Beastie Boys

50 Degrees and Overcast
Welcome and Disclaimer
The Thang
Four pax make their way down the river bank
Stretch-o-rama / COP
Each stretch held for a 20 count to get the muscles loose
– Toe Touch
– Loose Hang
– Baseball stretch
– Quad Stretch
– Upward Reach
– Tricep
– Across Chest Arm Stretch
The PAX reached ultimate zen as the sun rose.
Now the real COP
– SSH x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– High Knees x 20
– Wide High Knees x 20
– SSH x 20
– Ass Kickers x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– Squat Jumps x 15
– Diamond Merkins (4 count) x 15
– Carolina Dry Docks x 15
– Merkins x 15
– LAC x 20, forwards and backwards
– Chinooks x 20, 1 way
– Moroccan Night Club x 20
– Wide Merkins x 15
Great Warm up from YHC. The PAX were groaning.
Mosey to the boat ramp, we took the long way and picked up a few PAX late to the game. Welcome FNG Ravi.
Restated the Disclaimer on the run back to the boat ramp.
The Beast
The Beast is a Charlotte invention predicated on 6 exercises repeated 6 times between sprints which divide the length of a field into thirds (ie, 6 sprints). Then, this series is repeated 6 times as the exercise is changed out. Hence the 666 set and the name of #TheBeast.
eg, sprint 30 yards, 6 squats, sprint another 30 yards, 6 squats, sprint a third 30 yards, 6 squats, turn around and sprint back 30 yards, 6 squats, 30 yards, 6 squats, sprint to the starting line, six squats… and you’re done… with that rep
– Squat
– LBCs
– Merkins
– Lunges
– Plank Jacks
– Burpee (the traditional closer is always a #CrowdPleaser)
YHC turned the Q over to Gus
Mini-Dora 1-2-3

Sit ups x 50
Squats x 100
Big Boy Sit Ups x 150
Mosey to the Gazebo
6 Minutes of Mary
Welcome to FNG Ravi AKA ChuckE
Angus Out

“R” as in Arms

Disclaimer and Warmup:
Warm up lap around the parking lot with some dynamic stretching – Tip Toe, Heel Walk, Alternate Leg & Arm kick, Side-step hip flex squats
– Double Merkin Burpees x 10 (single count)
– IW x 15 IC
– Prisoner Squats x15 IC
** Enter Burner & FNG, fashionably late. Disclaimer was abbreviated and provided once more
– Hillbillies x 15 IC
– High Knees x 15 IC
– Butt Kickers x 15 IC
– Good Morning Abby x 10 (single count); these were well-liked!
The Thang:
Worked through a new acronym to the Chattanooga PAX. Homegrown here at the Dreadmill on account of YHC missing his 4 alarms for the scheduled Tuesday workout earlier in the week. My loss was the PAX’s gain. So, with that said, YHC gives you the A-L-A-R-M (Arm, Leg, Abs, ‘R’ Exercise, ‘M’ Exercise)
– Shoulder Press x 10 (single count)
– Lunge x 10 IC
– LBC x 10 IC
– Run to “Room with a view”
– Merkin x 10 (IC)
– Shoulder Taps x 15 IC
– Squat Jumps x 15 (single count)
– Peter Parkers x 15 IC
– Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
– Makhtar N’Diayes x 15 IC
– Burpees x 10 (single count)
– Jump Squat Punch x ?? (struggled with the cadence/count on this Pinterest find…); may never want to try this one again
– Mountain Climbers x 12 IC
– Run to boat ramp
– Pattycake Merkins x 10 (single count)
*Grab rip rap rock and circle-up again for final ALARM
– Carolina Dry Docks x 10 IC
– One-legged squat x 15 (single count) – holding Rock overhead
– Knee-ups/V-Sits x 12 (single count)
– Overhead Press w/ Rock x 12 (single count)
– Mike Tysons x 10 (single count)
Circle up with rocks and complete the three following exercises in cadence and without stopping:
– Curl from waist to mid-section x 15 IC
– Curl from mid-section to chest x 15 IC
– Full curl x 10 IC
Set rock down
– Move to the rock to your right and repeat the above, but each exercise x 10 IC
– Move to the rock directly across and repeat the above, but each exercise x 5 IC
Mosey back to shovel flag
Perform Wall of Fire:
All pax line up on a wall, do a wall sit while waiting for 1 of the pax to complete the 3 following exercises:
– Pull Ups x 5
– Merkins x 10
– Squat x 15
Mosey to sunny, grassy place for plank-o-rama:
– 45 second elbow plank
– Moon Gods x 5 (right side)
– Moon Gods x 5 (left side)
– 30 second elbow plank
– Moon Gods x 5 (right side)
– Moon Gods x 5 (left side)
– 15 second elbow plank
– Moon Gods x 5 (right side)
– Moon Gods x 5 (left side)
– Leg Lifts x 20 (single count)
– Hello Dolly x 15 IC
– Heel Taps x 12 IC
– Speed LBC x 35 IC
– Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC
Audible to Gus for final ab exercise with less than 30 seconds remaining
Lazy Boy until time ran out
Laces Out son, Steam Engine travels, Burner’s friend
Choices and decisions shape our lives, large and small. Trust in your relationship with our Savior and trust the direction that relationship affords you. As men, control isn’t an easy thing to relinquish. Good things come from letting Him take the wheel.

The Great Bambinooooo

60 Degrees and no rain
Welcome and Disclaimer
YHC welcomed an FNG and ran through the full disclaimer
The Thang
Six faithful pax mosey to the River in the dark
Stretch-o-rama / COP
Each stretch held for a 20 count to get the muscles loose, YHC mumbles something about yoga.
– Toe Touch
– Loose Hang
– Baseball stretch
– Quad Stretch
– Upward Reach
– Tricep
– Across Chest Arm Stretch
After much peace and tranquility observed by the river watching the sunrise, there was a whole lotta mumble of fear about the impending doom this must mean.
COP all excercises done IC
Focus on Legs
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– High Knees x 20
– Wide High Knees x 20
– SSH x 20
– Ass Kickers x 20
Focus on Arms (keep those arms up!)
– Merkins (4 count) x 20
– LAC x 20, forwards and backwards
– Chinooks x 20, 1 way
– Moroccan Night Club x 20
There was much mumble chatter after that shoulder busting warm up. Keep those arms up.
Mosey to the Top
We hit the swingset for a little Modified Wooleyworm. Grab a buddy.
1 Pax sets up for wooleyworm by placing feet in the swing and arms in plank position while holding the feet of the buddy who is in position for Big Boy Sit Ups, try to stay together. 20 Reps and swap. Rinse and Repeat One more time.
This had most pax mumbling.
Mosey to the Ball Fields

Pit Stop at the dug out for a quick wall sit. hold for 1 minute. Pax had some mumble going on trying to cut time short.
Proceed to the Diamond for something special.
The Great Bambino
After the Colossus of Clout  the Sultan of Swat this exercise gives every pax the opportunity to feel like the great bambino by rounding the bases.  This is a good opportunity for all pax to work hard to make the exercise as easy or difficult as they choose.
All pax congregate at homeplate in a single line and perform an exercise AMRAP while 1 pax at a time runs all the way around the diamond. Each runner returns to the end of the line and resumes the exercise. The pax are encouraged to run fast, because the faster they run the fewer reps they will have to perform. Or run slow and make it suck. Once each pax has run a lap they proceed to the next exercise. Exercises performed: Merkin AMRAP, LBC AMRAP, and Plankjacks AMRAP.
10 count from FNG. The pax were thankful this guy knew how to perform a solid 10 count.
Mosey to the Boat Ramp
Each pax grabs a rock and circles up near by. Gus instructed the pax about proper rock picking technique. After all rocks had been picked YHC instructed pax that they should be pick a rock they could part with because there will be a modified conveyor belt.
Rock BLOCK: 
Each pax holds there coupon and performs the exercise as instructed then passes it to the right. Exercises performed should spell out the word B-L-O-C-K. 
B – Bent over rows x 5
L – Lunges x 10
O – Overhead press x 15
C – Curles, Top Curl x 5 Bottom Curl x 5, Full Curl x 10
K – Kettle Bell Swing x 25
YHC handed over the reins to Gus to bring it home.
Indian Run
Indian Run to an undisclosed location. We proceeded until we reached near the entrance of the park when Gus called a Free Willy to the shovel flag. All pax proceeded to sprint and yell and spit and huff their way back to the shovel flag.
Welcome to FNG Burner. Made it through with flying colors. We’re glad to have you and we look forward to seeing you back during the week.
Laces out son is doing much better, Gus has had some great progress in the job environment, Angus is thankful to have the pax, and Burner’s friend has been having some health issues.
Proud to see this group of men work hard and continue to get better. We are continually pushing the rock up the hill and while it might not get any easier the view sure does improve.
Angus Out

Music City Q in the Nooga

20 degrees of fun awaited the PAX of Chatty.  YHC hits the head for a lil post mortem from last night’s Tombstone and we’re off.
Slaughter Starter:
10 Burpee’s, nine squats, eight Burpee’s, seven squats, six Burpee’s, five squats, for Burpee’s, response, to Burpee’s, one squat, 10 Burpee’s.  Ripped from OBT and a Q he and DREDD performed recently.
Mosey with coupon, reverse mosey, high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle right, left,
Circle Up
Side straddle hop x 22, GMA x 22, Imperial Walker x 11, hillbilly x 11, Willie Mays Hayes with baby arm circle right side and RBAC left side x 11
Hand off to blue mule
Mosey with coupon down to parking lot by boat ramp
PAX perform designated exercises
PAX 1:Burpee Broadjump X7 out and back
PAX 2:Overhead claps
PAX 3:Overhead press with coupon
PAX 4:Squat with coupon
PAX 5:Flutter kicks
2 moves to BBJ, 3 to OH Claps, 4 to OH Press 5 to Squat and 1 to F Kix
Rinse and repeat
200 m sprint replaces Burpee Broadjump
Hand off to BV
Curb crawl 12s with Merkens
Feet on curb 12 Merkens bear crawl 20 m 11 Merkens, crawl mayor 20 m 10 Merkens and so on down to zero
Indian run with coupon back to a Caballo Blanco
BTTWX5 with Merkens
Mosey to the light pole for some light pole BLIMPS
5 Burpees LP 1
10 Lunge walks LP2
15 Iron Crosses
20 Merkins
25 Plank Jax
30 Squats
Indian run back to Caballo Blanco
PAX leapfrog around half of building
Insert dissertation on meaning of F3
10 pull-ups at playground for good measure
Flutter kix, hello Dolly, World War I sit ups, kick outs, 20 Squat jumps, crunchy frog, American hammer
Welcome FNG : Willy B an IPTAY’r that we lovingly named after Cocks Stadium Williams Bryce
Work was put in down at Rivermont Park this am.  T Claps to Blue Mule for Co-Qing this small but hearty band of men.  T Claps to Steam Engine for buying my cup of Joe this am.  Incidentally, cup of Joe comes from the Secretary of the Navy who pulled alcohol from naval ships back in the 30’s…Joecephus Davis…look it up, it’s true.
This region will be strong one day.  Lots of bearded millennials, outdoor stores and craft beer in Nooga to recruit to.  Always be EH’ing men!
Be sure to get a copy of Freed to Lead and learn the real meaning and story of F3.  Probably more factual than YHC’s diatribe this am.

Boat Ramp and Route 66

The PAX: Gus, Angus, Nose Dive, Dimples, Barbie, Steam Engine, Derby
The Scene: 38 of goodness
Welcome & Disclaimer
The Thang:Cherry Pickers mosey to tennis court wheelbarrow with 5 merkins at each line and switch at next court x2
Mosey to hill sundial merkins
Mosey to boat ramp: squat with press x25 (lunge down boat ramp/back pedal up ramp) curls x25 down ramp and back up 20, 15, 10
Route 66  with burpees and BB situps
11’s derkins/dips
COT: Number / Name o rama
BOM: Reap what you sow. Be consisten with the small things
Moleskin: Great morning and fun group. Dreamill has many good days ahead.

Feel those flutters burn

Chatt-Town launch part 3 once again got started in the wee hours of The Alpha. While 5 were committed to come, one fartsacked so strongly his alarm was nonexistent within his dreams – after Tuesday, YHC knows precisely the feeling – one had a foot boo-boo and could only come to say farewell at 4am, and that left 3. Fortunately when you have a Hot Sauce birthday, 3 is 2 more than you really need. While I know you wish to learn more about that car ride, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and that is good enough for me. Let’s just say we made it. So did Roadshow, returning home from Knoxville and Chatt’s own Plug. With a couple minutes to go, I was caught in awe of the #SF and a thing of beauty it was. Plug asked me to review the depth to which that beauty was plugged into the #bigball. Someone advise Plug to request more appropriate counsel in the future.
Babyface starts with a brief mosey around the ballfields looking for the biggest hill of the AO. Somehow, Dreadmill is located on the lone flat section of this town. Not to be deterred, Baby locks in adjacent to a small mound for warm-ups. These were definitely not Baby’s best warm-up calls, but in his defense, he was not originally scheduled to handle warm-ups. 15 SSHs, 10 copperhead squats, 10 merkins for a total of 35, which coincidentally is the very new age of the birthday Hot Sauce.
What went down:
Over to said small mound for a type of 11’s, but call them 35’s. Start with 10 merkins at the path, run to the top of the mound for 25 squats, work until the numbers are inverted. Stop ever 2 minutes on Babyface’s call for 35 LBCs. By the time this was done, so was half of the workout, so let’s move on to Crack.
Mosey to the Champion’s Club for 4 corners. Face the ball fields during every run with 10 LBCRs, 20 dying cockroaches, 30 American hammers, 40 flutters. Flutters were selected with the largest number as they are also the easiest to execute. Not today. The Alphas played football on Thursday and were all sore in the same pelvic/hip region. These were easily the worst flutters I have done in my entire life. Roadshow heard those midwife noises coming from 3 grown men during a simple flutter and may never come visit our AO. Justifiably so. It sucked just enough to rinse and repeat.
Over to the boulder pile lining the river for Genuines, shoulder presses, low curls, high curls, and skull crushers.
Finally, back to the flag parking lot for suicide 40s. Start with 10 J-Los and 30 hip slappers invert them as we run median to median. Back to the flag and knock out 13 burpees.

  • Prayers for Chatt-town, the children and their families from earlier in the week, this AO and the men around here for F3 to have a positive impact.
  • Prayers and praise for a glorious Hot Sauce birthday and many more still yet to come.
  • Thanksgiving time of year with so much to be thankful for.


  • We men of Alpha, both last week, this week along with those that could not come have truly enjoyed being a part of this launch. Many of us have heard about what a wonderful community Chattanooga is and we take pride in helping F3 strengthen the community even greater. With men like Plug leading the charge, there is no doubt this is a great place for F3. This dude even tried to convince his 70-something YO pops to come join. Maybe next time!
  • Roadshow lived up to his name and put on a show on the road. We may not have caused him to even break a sweat, but at least he can go home and show his buddies the Genuine. Hopefully he can tap into his local sad clown buddies and eventually some of them to partake in a local F3 workout.
  • Party hats were distributed prior to the workout with the 10 burpees on the line for any hats that fall. I think Hot Sauce shoved his inside his sweater just to ensure that would never happen. Thanks for signing his Hello Kitty card. #memories

Bon voyage, Crack!

Chattanooga Cha Cha

#F3Expansion @F3Chatt @F3Chattanooga @F3Alpha (Guest Q)
2nd Saturday of the new AO in Chattanooga got off to fine start with folks coming in from @F3Alpha and several F3 transplants to the Chattanooga area. The pax started showing up dressed like the great arctic winter was approaching. One FNG asked if we were going to stretch together to which Foghorn told a great story about his high school football coach. Does a dog stretch before chasing a car? Nope, but a dog also licks his own twig and berries (if he’s still got those). We did not stretch and did our best to catch the car this morning. That’s where that analogy ends though. Well, most of us don’t know and don’t want to know what Def Con 2 does when he’s not at F3, but YHC will leave it at that.  Here’s what went down:
Warm up – Mosey around parking lot…In cadence SSH, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Merkins.
Dora 1,2,3

  • 100x Makhtar N’Diayes
  • 200x Monkey Humpers
  • 300x LBCs

Mosey to baseball field…
‘Round the bases – with partner:

  • Wheelbarrow to 1st base – 5x Burpees
  • (switch places) Wheelbarrow to 2nd base – 5x Burpees
  • Partner carry to 3rd base – 5x Burpees
  • (switch places) Partner carry to home – 5x Burpees

10 count rest

  • 4x Lunges 4x broad jump to 1st base – 5x Merkins
  • 4x Lunges 4x broad jump to 2nd base – 5x Merkins
  • 4x Lunges 4x broad jump to 3rd base – 5x Merkins
  • 4x Lunges 4x broad jump to home – 5x Merkins

Mosey to outfield – 18x 8-count Burpees
Mosey to rock pile – exercises with rock

  • Full Curls
  • High Curls
  • Low Curls
  • Skull Crusher
  • Skull Crusher – Hold over head (and listen to Foghorn chat….ugh that rock is heavy)
  • Curls ’till you can’t no more (some lasted longer than others and kudos to those with the quartz boulder)

Indian Run to benches
Exercise on benches – In cadence

  • Dips
  • Derkins
  • Dips
  • Derkins

Mary – In cadence

  • LBC
  • American Hammers
  • Dying Cockroach

Name-o-rama – three FNGs got to share a bit about themselves and here’s the results:

  • DirtyGov
  • Demo
  • Laces Out

COT – Prayers for loss of young mother (Meredith), prayers for Laces Out 2.0 going under the knife for open heart surgery.
Moleskin –

  • Great mumble chatter out there this morning, Gus seems like he’s got the gift of gab
  • Derkins at the end seemed to be a crowdpleaser
  • It was an honor to Q this morning. Great AO right along the river. Strong group of pax to get this city growing. Come join us anytime you’re near the ATL.