“Is Everybody Wearing Running Shoes?”

As a general rule, YHC does not like to surprise the PAX with exercises for which they might not be prepared or equipped. But as is the case for all general rules, there are exceptions. Driving to the Hill City AO, I was feeling froggy and knew it might be time for an Omaha. When I pulled up to see three steely-eyed veterans waiting on me, the Weinke stayed in the car.
Conditions: Cool and partly cloudy – 49°
Shovel Flag — Planted
Disclaimer — Delivered with enthusiasm
Warm-up: Knee-and-ankle rotation, which elicited some giggles from the PAX.
With our joints sufficiently lubricated, the PAX set off to execute the Merkin Mile. This took us to roughly the halfway point of the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge.
Front lunges / Side lunges / Power skips to the end of the Bridge, where the PAX executed an impromptu 6MOM on the southern shore of the Tennessee River
Three-block loop around some overpriced condos, then up a hill back to the Bridge
Power walk headed due north toward the AO while banging out a Ratchet Shoulder Blaster (for the ladies) / Run to end of the Bridge
Powered through some squats IC on the street corner, then returned to the Shovel Flag
With approximately 8 minutes remaining, we broke out the CMU coupons to get a good burn.
Bent-over row
45° front press
Bench press
– Normal 20, narrow 20
– Normal 15, narrow 15
– Normal 10, narrow 10
– Normal 5, narrow 5
20 CMU merkins
Shoulder blaster to close
Continued prayers for Steam Engine’s travels and the Laces Out’s son
I Am Third.
I am constantly encouraged by the men of F3 Chatt. Attitude and effort are always there. I’m not sure they enjoyed running 2.5 miles this morning, but sometimes they need a surprise.