Round Robin

The Scene: Thick overcast, mid-40’s and a light drizzle fo shizzle
Dynamic Stretch Routine and then quick lap around the parking lot, as Burner anticipated a few possible stragglers; no dice…
Warmup: 15 SSH (IC), 15 IW (IC), 15 High Knees (IC), 15 Wide Knees (IC), 10 Good Morning Abby with Squat Jump, 15 BAC (Fwd/Bkwd; IC), 15 Moroccan Nite Club
3 Rounds of exercise packs are each completed twice for 6 total
Round 1 & Round 2:
* Squat Jump x 10 OYO
– Merkins AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Lunge AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Jack Knife AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– SSH AMRAP (60 Seconds)
Mosey to tennis courts
Round 3 & Round 4:
* Split Squat Jump x 10 OYO
– Merkin with Arm Raise AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Side Lunge AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Hillbillies AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– High Knees AMRAP (60 Seconds)
Mosey back to shovel flag and circle-up under pavillion as the rain started to commence ever so slightly.
Round 5 & Round 6:
* Tuck Jump x 10 OYO
– Spider Man Merkin AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Rotational Lunge AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Standing Leg Raise AMRAP (60 Seconds)
– Burpees AMRAP (30 Seconds)
Finished with Squats for remaining one minute
– Count-o-rama
– Name-o-rama
COT – Discussion about friendships and Gus’ random act of kindness earlier this week to help me out; perfectly illustrating what F2 really means. I’m ever so grateful for this group and for the impact that F3 has had on me. I can’t wait to be in Gus’ shoes for someone else to cement the purpose of devoting our time and effort in becoming and developing HIM’s