Windswept Merkins

Today marks the start of the Masters.  In preparation for the Q today, a few things came to mind.  We should run like the wind (given the swath of recent storms blanketing the southeast), we should do some work to commemorate the Master’s golf tournament and, finally, we should do reps that mean something! And come to think of it, not a single PAX had on green… hmmm??
With that in mind, YHC delivers the thang:
– 6 Burpees *
– SSH x 12 IC
– 6 Burpees *
– Hillbillies x 12 IC
– 6 Burpees *
– IW x 12 IC
– High Knees x 10 IC
– Smurf Jacks x 10 IC
-note to self – Burpees don’t necessarily qualify as “warming up” in most PAX’s book.
Mosey to Market St bridge for a variation of the Merkin Mile
– 21 Merkins**
– 10 BBSU
Mosey along Market St bridge and try not to get windswept from the prevailing wind
– 21 Merkins**
– 10 BBSU
Mosey to the end of Market St bridge, plank and wait for all PAX to arrive
– 21 Merkins**
– 10 BBSU
–Mudslide on the 10 count so that all PAX can have a breather–
Ascend the hill to Walnut street bridge and complete Jacobs Ladder on the slippery stairs made of glass and seemingly smeared with grease; Mudslide tried his best to keep his footing, but true to his name, all 6’5 of him slipped and fell.  Poor fella… that’s a lot of body to hit the deck.
Ladder: 7 ascents with Burpees at the bottom, increasing reps on each ascent
After the ladder, briskly walk across the Walnut St bridge while YHC commissioned Gus to lead the PAX in completing a #RatchetShoulderBlaster.  Mosey to the end of the Walnut st bridge to complete the Merkin Mile
– 21 Merkins**
– 10 BBSU
Mosey back to shovel flag and complete two (2) rounds of:
– 10 Jump-ups
– 10 Dips
Move to the Love Shack and complete Mary:
– Pickle Pounder x 12 IC
– Peter Parker x 12 IC
– Moon Gods x 10 (both legs) OYO
– LBC x 20 IC
Extra Credit: American Hammer x 10 IC
COT: Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”
Short discussion with the PAX around doing the things that you don’t typically prefer, but you know will benefit you in the long run. YHC shared that he does not like running, but in his own Q ordered a 2.5 mile run for the whole PAX.  The challenge was met with enthusiasm and gusto!  We did it!  YHC admitted he wouldn’t be able to do it without his fellow PAX and thus, they’ve sharpened him.
* 18 burpees signifies 18 holes
** 84 merkins signifies 84th anniversary of the Masters