Bighill and the Bearpee

cold snap – 38 degrees
Welcome and Disclaimer executed outside the park while we waited for Redbank’s Finest to come and open the gates. YHC made sure to cover all the points well for our two FNGs, looked like the were ready to go.

The Thang
Eight pax executed a circuit of merkins,  SSH, and Burpees to get the blood flowin’ on this cold April morning.
Stretch-o-rama / COP
About 7:15 am still outside the gate we continued into our stretchorama. The show must go on. Each held for a 20 second count. Deep breaths in between to get our minds right.
– Toe Touch
– Loose Hang
– Baseball stretch
– Quad Stretch
– Upward Reach
– Tricep
– Across Chest Arm Stretch
Begin the COP
– SSH x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– High Knees x 20
– Wide High Knees x 20
– SSH x 20
– Ass Kickers x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– Squat Jumps x 15
– Diamond Merkins (4 count) x 15
– Carolina Dry Docks x 15
Halfway through COP Redbank’s Finest rolls up, let the games begin. We proceeded to mosey around the AO and wind up at the bottom of Big Hill. Run to the top of the hill to finish up COP.
– Merkins x 15
– LAC x 20, forwards and backwards
– Chinooks x 20, 1 way
– Moroccan Night Club x 20
– Wide Merkins x 15
Take a long mosey around the AO and wind up back at the bottom of Big Hill. Run to the top.
Bearpees across the Big Field
The Bearpees are long lost cousins to the Burpeedans and suck equally. Line up across a field or parking lot. OYO 1 Burpee followed up by 4 count bearcrawl forward. Once PAX get to other side, rinse and repeat adding another Burpee, keeping the 1:4 ratio but only increasing the number of Burpees.
YHC attempted to demonstrate the Bearpee unsuccessfully the first few times. It is a hard one to get the hang of but once you do, it will most definitely suck. For today we stuck with the 1:4 and made it about halfway across the big field when YHC called an omaha. Hold plank and wait for the 6.
Mosey around to the rock pile.
Grab a rock for some curls. YHC called on Burner to relay the art of picking a rock. These PAX are starting to get it, Goldilocks rules apply.
– Top Curl x 5
– Bottom Curl x 5
– Full Curl x 10
Everyone puts their rocks down and moves two rocks to the right.
Repeat, this time called by Burner.
Move Three rocks to the right.
Repeat, this time called by Pro.
Move Two rocks to right, now you should be back at your rock.
Repeat, called by YHC
Head to the bottom of the Big Hill, sprint to the top. Jailbreak to the Top Gazebo.
Welcome to FNG Timbo Pham aka Burgundy & Calvin Robinson aka Crockpot
If you get a chance to talk to these guys, you should. These pax were really bringin it this morning and YHC was impressed by their willingness to show up, work hard, and push themselves. Tclaps all around. Both are a great addition to our community.
BOM – Bless the biscuits.
Angus Out