Dirty Half Dozen

58 Degrees and Dry. Optimal.
Welcome and Disclaimer
Disclaimer was delivered with extra care for our Nomad — Cooter from Johnson City. Welcome to our beautiful AO!
The Thang
Since we had a nomad YHC decided we should give him the grand tour mosey, 6 pax commence the mosey into the gloom. Head Up Mt. Midoriama back down and head over to the Agrocrag we summit that one too. Great view right Cooter!?
Circle back around to Mt. Midoriama for COP
COP at the base of Mt. Midoriama
– SSH x 20
– Annie x 15
– SSH x 20
– Merkin x 10
– Finkle Swing x 15
– SSH x 20
– Squat x 20
Mosey down to the great hall to finish up our COP
– Merkin x 10
– SSH x 20
– IW x 15
– HK x 15
– WHK x 15 (Gus’ Favorite)
– LAC x 15 (forwards / backwards)
– Chinooks x 15
– Moroccan Night Club x 15
– Shoulder Press x 15
Incline Decline Merkin BTTW on the 45 degree wall, looooots of mumble chatter. Pax were prompted to execute 5 reps of the BTTW / Decline Merkin combo. That sucks, Lets do 5 more.
The Main Event
Mosey over to the parking lot by the Great Hall
What should we call this thing? I don’t know.. Merkicide? Pax were instructed to line up along the first white line in the parking lot.
This is kind of like a Jack Webb but different, broad jump to the first line execute 1 merkin run back to start. Broad jump to the second line execute 2 merkins run back. Repeat until all pax have reached the end. In our case this was up to 11.
10 count from Snowflake
Mosey up to Mt. Midoriama and head to the bottom of the steps.
Ascend the big steps executing a box jump between each step and 1 bench dip, add one bench dip with every step until all pax have reached the top. In our case that was 18 bench dips at the top.
Mosey to the Loveshack for a little 4MOM
Welcome again to Cooter from Johnson City.
Angus Out