Death by Hill

The Scene:

Beautiful, clear skies and a bright shining sunrise; temps in the upper 50’s.
A little mumblechatter to start the Q, but mostly in anticipation of the City of Red Bank’s finest to arrive and open the pearly gates and release the Pax hounds;  Good thing we didn’t wait much past 7 to get it started (spoiler alert! Gates remained closed for the entirety of the thang).
At 7:08am, YHC made the call that the first exercise would be the “Roll” under the park gate to get us into “The Landfill” — and so it goes…
Mosey/pre-lap to the bottom of the AO and back up to the upper parking lot ascending the “big hill”


20 count holds of each:

  • Toe Touch
  • Loose Hang
  • Quad Stretch
  • Upward Reach
  • Tricep
  • Across Chest Arm Stretch
  • Dynamic stretch routine: tippy-toe walk, heel walk, leg swings, side lunch (hip-flexer) stretch

Mosey to the low spot near the playground

  • SSH x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Wide High Knees x 10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

In the spirit of building character, confidence and teaching proper cadence/calls, YHC initiated a request that all PAX would lead us in an exercise; practice makes perfect!

  • Laces Out – Imperial Walker IC
  • Snowflake – Merkins IC (…he didn’t read the pre-blast)
  • Mudslide – Squats IC


The Thang:

Mosey to bottom of the big hill for BIG HILL DORA 1-2-3
1. Angle grinder x 100
2. BBSU x 200
3. *Monkey Humper x 250
*Considering the hill, YHC issued an OMAHA to only complete 250 MH’s; the Pax was pleased… until….
Mosey to the rock pile -grab a buddy rock- and then head up to the top of the hill for a little fun titled “The Beast”
The Beast (6 exercises repped 6 x with sprints which divide the length of a field into thirds (ie, 6 sprints) aka “Mark of the Beast”; augmented to include the carrying of the buddy rock through the entire exercise, which really upped the intensity from station to station.
1. Squat
2. LBCs
3. Merkins
4. Lunges
5. Plank Jacks
*6. Out of time…
YHC modified the Beast to ensure we had ample time for the 6MOM
Mosey back to shovel flag
COT: Sacrifice and the symbolism of today’s workout with regard to Easter and it’s purpose.  Thankful for Jesus and all that he did for us all.
Final note: what an absolute honor it was to lead these men today. It was quiet possibly the most difficult Q that I have led and each of the Pax encouraged and pushed me and each other to work through it until the bitter end. T-Claps for Mudslide for truly living up to his name and looking like pigpen when we all circled up at for the COT.  Glad I didn’t have to give this guy a ride home!