Landfill Tabata

Another beautiful Saturday at the Landfill, Red Bank’s premier AO
Conditions: Warm and humid – 65°
Shovel Flag — Planted
Disclaimer — Delivered with enthusiasm
Swinging arm stretch OYO x 10
BACs IC x 10 forward
BACs IC x 10 backward
Upper back stretch
Chest stretch
Arm & shoulder stretch
Pistol Squats IC x 10 (These were fun.)
To get the PAX rolling for LEG DAY, we fired up the squat machine for Bring Sally Up. The PAX weren’t amused, but it set the appropriate tone. Three and a half minutes of squats (mostly in the down position) got everybody’s mind right.
We moseyed halfway down the Landfill’s main road just so we could Bernie Sanders our way back up. The PAX looked a bit confused when told to gird their loins at one of the small pavilions.
This exercise is performed 4 minutes at a time: 20 seconds of all-you-got followed by 10 seconds of rest X 8.
Squat Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Lunges (alternating)
20 minutes of Tabata had the PAX mumblechattering.
We moseyed halfway down the road again. Fartleks up the hill to the main pavilion stretched out the hips. The PAX should be ashamed, because YHC finished first. Never let a fat Gus beat you.
At the top of the Landfill, we finished with La La Leggy (20 each of squats, lunges, Apolo Ohno, squat jumps, and calf raises) and some Mary. 60 minutes of work!
Number- and Name-O-Rama went off without a hitch. Six men stuck together and earned some Bojangles (#blessthebiscuits).
I Am Third. #IM3
This was the last scheduled Q for me before I head to Memphis. This PAX has grown, in number, stature, and leadership, and I’m proud to be associated with F3 Chatt.