Landfill Tabata

Another beautiful Saturday at the Landfill, Red Bank’s premier AO
Conditions: Warm and humid – 65°
Shovel Flag — Planted
Disclaimer — Delivered with enthusiasm
Swinging arm stretch OYO x 10
BACs IC x 10 forward
BACs IC x 10 backward
Upper back stretch
Chest stretch
Arm & shoulder stretch
Pistol Squats IC x 10 (These were fun.)
To get the PAX rolling for LEG DAY, we fired up the squat machine for Bring Sally Up. The PAX weren’t amused, but it set the appropriate tone. Three and a half minutes of squats (mostly in the down position) got everybody’s mind right.
We moseyed halfway down the Landfill’s main road just so we could Bernie Sanders our way back up. The PAX looked a bit confused when told to gird their loins at one of the small pavilions.
This exercise is performed 4 minutes at a time: 20 seconds of all-you-got followed by 10 seconds of rest X 8.
Squat Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Lunges (alternating)
20 minutes of Tabata had the PAX mumblechattering.
We moseyed halfway down the road again. Fartleks up the hill to the main pavilion stretched out the hips. The PAX should be ashamed, because YHC finished first. Never let a fat Gus beat you.
At the top of the Landfill, we finished with La La Leggy (20 each of squats, lunges, Apolo Ohno, squat jumps, and calf raises) and some Mary. 60 minutes of work!
Number- and Name-O-Rama went off without a hitch. Six men stuck together and earned some Bojangles (#blessthebiscuits).
I Am Third. #IM3
This was the last scheduled Q for me before I head to Memphis. This PAX has grown, in number, stature, and leadership, and I’m proud to be associated with F3 Chatt.

New Growth at a New AO

White Oak Park (our first time at this yet-to-be-named AO)
40 degrees and telling of winter weather to come

SSH IC x 10
Merkins x 5
SSH IC x 10
Merkins x 5
Knee & Ankle Rotation
Upper Back Stretch
Chest Stretch
Arm & Shoulder Stretch
Cherry picker IC x 15

* Mosey along trail around new AO *
Squats IC x 10
Prisoner Squats IC x 10
Squats IC x 10
Prisoner Squats IC x 10
* Mosey halfway up road to higher ground *
* Lunges to top *

Bench Rows/Dips/Derkins
20 bent-over rows with end of bench
20 dips on bench
20 derkins with feet on bench
Continue cycle with reps of 15… 10… 5…
Suicide Dora 1-2-3 on Soccer Field
With Shovel Flag marking the halfway point, Partner 1 runs halfway & back, then full length of field & back
100 Big Boy Sit-ups
200 IC Flutterkicks
300 Hollywood Side Crunches
 * Mosey along trail to bottom of AO *

Alternate lunges & Bernie Sanders to topmost speed bump *
Sprint to top *
Dips on Q’s command & Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to end
Great first workout at White Oak Park
YHC was thinking a lot about Quercus alba (AKA the mighty white oak) as we prepared for this first workout at our new AO. The tree is one of a few that exhibits marcescence. That is, it holds onto its dead, dry leaves until new growth forces those leaves to fall to the ground. To be marcescent is to wither and die but not get out of the way. Each of us holds onto certain things like that. We stand like a White Oak in December, holding onto dead, brown leaves. That dead weight only falls off when new growth occurs. We have a responsibility to spur our brothers on to new growth and to seek accountability regarding the areas where we stubbornly refuse to grow.

Dips & Squats & Dips & Squats

Hill City
45 degrees and pleasant
SSH IC x 25
Rockette IC x 15
Cherry picker IC x 15

* Mosey to Coolidge Park *
Along the way, the PAX were accosted by at least two Cujos. Undeterred, we proceeded to our destination by way of Cherokee Boulevard, where a friendly Sad Clown, at the sight of our Shovel Flag, proffered a hearty salutation made famous by the 2004 movie Team America: World Police. With lifted spirits and renewed patriotism, we arrived to find a friendly beaver keeping the ground warm for us. The beaver promptly left, which was probably for the best since Angus and Prosciutto eagerly discussed which creatures hunt beavers. (I’ll leave the answer to you, Dear Reader.)

Dip Squat Medley, verse 1
15 tempo dips on Q’s command
10-second rest
15 dips OYO
35 squats
10 tempo dips on Q’s command
10-second rest
10 dips OYO
35 squats
5 tempo dips on Q’s command
10-second rest
5 dips OYO
30 squats

 * Mosey back to Love Shack *

Dip Squat Medley, verse 2
15 tempo dips on Q’s command
10 tempo dips on Q’s command
5 tempo dips on Q’s command
Squats IC x 30
5 dips / 5-second rest
RINSE and REPEAT x 6 (7 rounds total)
Squats IC x 20
Modified Ring of Fire (NOW WITH LUNGES!)
While rest of PAX engage in a wall sit, one HIM lunges around Love Shack with perfect form. ENDEX when all PAX have lunged.
Hello, Dolly! IC x 25
Flutterkick IC x 25
Boat/Canoe led by Angus
Side Crunch IC x 15 (each side)
Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to end
Saturday’s workout will be led by Angus at White Oak Park (not our usual location). Spread the word.
Kindness, from God and fellow men, is a powerful thing. YHC was recently blessed by unexpected kindness and aspires to do the same for others.

Thursday Morning Lights

Conditions: Cold in the Hill City – 36°
Shovel Flag — Planted
Disclaimer — Delivered with enthusiasm
Warm-up: Little mosey with only 3 PAX (Burner was waiting for us when we returned to the Love Shack), SSH, Baby arm circles, upper back stretch, chest stretch
Nothing complicated today: Elevens w/ CMU coupons executed between distant light posts
10 CMU squats / 1 CMU burpee (overhead press instead of jump)
9 / 2
8 / 3
7 / 4
6 / 5
5 / 6
4 / 7
3 / 8
2 / 9
1 / 10
YHC was worn out but energized by his Brothers.
Guidance & wisdom needed for decisions
Without any creative juices flowing, YHC decided to plan a slog fest without using any of the hills at AO Hill City. The PAX were up to the challenge and completed the task at 6:15 on the dot.

“Is Everybody Wearing Running Shoes?”

As a general rule, YHC does not like to surprise the PAX with exercises for which they might not be prepared or equipped. But as is the case for all general rules, there are exceptions. Driving to the Hill City AO, I was feeling froggy and knew it might be time for an Omaha. When I pulled up to see three steely-eyed veterans waiting on me, the Weinke stayed in the car.
Conditions: Cool and partly cloudy – 49°
Shovel Flag — Planted
Disclaimer — Delivered with enthusiasm
Warm-up: Knee-and-ankle rotation, which elicited some giggles from the PAX.
With our joints sufficiently lubricated, the PAX set off to execute the Merkin Mile. This took us to roughly the halfway point of the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge.
Front lunges / Side lunges / Power skips to the end of the Bridge, where the PAX executed an impromptu 6MOM on the southern shore of the Tennessee River
Three-block loop around some overpriced condos, then up a hill back to the Bridge
Power walk headed due north toward the AO while banging out a Ratchet Shoulder Blaster (for the ladies) / Run to end of the Bridge
Powered through some squats IC on the street corner, then returned to the Shovel Flag
With approximately 8 minutes remaining, we broke out the CMU coupons to get a good burn.
Bent-over row
45° front press
Bench press
– Normal 20, narrow 20
– Normal 15, narrow 15
– Normal 10, narrow 10
– Normal 5, narrow 5
20 CMU merkins
Shoulder blaster to close
Continued prayers for Steam Engine’s travels and the Laces Out’s son
I Am Third.
I am constantly encouraged by the men of F3 Chatt. Attitude and effort are always there. I’m not sure they enjoyed running 2.5 miles this morning, but sometimes they need a surprise.

Boat Ramp and Route 66

The PAX: Gus, Angus, Nose Dive, Dimples, Barbie, Steam Engine, Derby
The Scene: 38 of goodness
Welcome & Disclaimer
The Thang:Cherry Pickers mosey to tennis court wheelbarrow with 5 merkins at each line and switch at next court x2
Mosey to hill sundial merkins
Mosey to boat ramp: squat with press x25 (lunge down boat ramp/back pedal up ramp) curls x25 down ramp and back up 20, 15, 10
Route 66  with burpees and BB situps
11’s derkins/dips
COT: Number / Name o rama
BOM: Reap what you sow. Be consisten with the small things
Moleskin: Great morning and fun group. Dreamill has many good days ahead.