Drop the BOMB on ‘Em

Today YHC and 8 other PAX marched onto the battlefield of Hill City with clear eyes and full hearts. It was early and the bodies were tired, but the mind prevailed over the body and the battle was won. There is absolutely no way we would’ve made it out of there alive without the return of Banjo (who this time did not revisit his dinner from the night before). Here’s what went down:
CONDITIONS: 60 Degrees and Overcast
WARMUP: Loosened up the muscles with some stretching and then started our mosey to the Great Hall
– 10x SSH IC
– 10x Imperial Walkers IC
– 10x SSH IC
– 10x Squats IC
– 10x SSH IC
– 10x Moroccan Night Clubs IC
– 10x Arm Circles IC
– 10x Shoulder Press IC
– 10x SSH
– 10x High Knees
– 10x Wide High Knees
– 10x SSH
Once we got our blood flowing in the first Circle of Pain, the PAX were begging for more…so their wish was YHC’s command. We started our mosey back to the Love Shack for COP Round #2.
COP#2 – (Circle Burp)
YHC instructed PAX to circle up and start chopping their feet. Starting with YHC and going around the circle each PAX, one by one, called out “down” and everyone hit the floor to do a burpee. Onc time around was just a tease so round and round we continue. The Circle Burp was completed when each PAX had called “down” 2x.
Circuit #1 – (B.O.M.B.S)
B:Bicep Curl x100, O:Overhead Press x100, M:Merkin x100, B:Bench Press x100, S:Squat x100
Pax #1 – Suicides, run from 1st pole and back then to the 2nd pole and back
Pax #2 – Perform BOMBS Exercises until partner returns
Not going to lie the BOMBS were brutal…but as an old wise man once told me, the only way to get in better shape is to simply do more exercises. I then asked Angus what time it was and being that he likes to keep the time to himself all he told me was “we’ve got time”. With that being said we made our way to Mt. Midoriyama.
Circuit #2
Bernie Sanders up Mt. Midoriyama and run forward back down. Ahhhh I definitely feel the Bern!! Sooo the only reasonable solution was to do it again.
– 20x LBC’s
– 15x Flutter Kicks
– 15x Freddie Mercury’s
– 10x Hollywoods (Each side)
COT – Countoff, Nameorama, Shoutouts/Requests, Prayer
“Remember that guy that gave up?…Neither does anyone else. The Giant in front of you will never be bigger than the God inside of you.”