Numbers Don’t Sweat

Conditions: Clear Skies, Fishy River Air, 70 Deg F, and 325% Humidity
This lovely Thursday morning began with 10 PAX…wait never mind…only 3, posting at Hill City. I am assuming that the majority of the crew couldn’t get out of the fartsack and most likely began their day by sitting on their back porch in the cool morning listening to birds,  sipping coffee and eating an organic/gluten-free/whole-wheat bagel with delicious spreads bought from some local farmers market. Totally just kidding, I am certain that everyone had a legitimate excuse to not wake up at 5:00 AM for an electrifying workout from YHC.
Anyway, enough rambling on…here’s what went down:
The workout started with a little disclaimer and a short mosey to The Great Hall. Upon, arrival at The Great Hall YHC instructed the PAX to knock out 25 SSH’s IC to get the blood flowing before the real fun began.
COP #1
(Simon Saysssss BEARCRAWL)
This exercise starts out with PAX getting in a line and picking a point in the distance. In today’s case that point in the distance was a pillar under the bridge. Every PAX picked out a pillar about 15 yards away.
PAX #1 calls out an exercise and then Bear Crawls to that point in the distance and back to his starting point. While PAX #1 is Bear Crawling the rest of the crew performs the exercise that PAX #1 called out and they continue to do this exercise until PAX #1 gets back to his starting point. When PAX #1 gets back, PAX #2 calls out and exercise and begins his Bear Crawl while the others perform his exercise of choice. This rotation continues until all PAX have called out 2 exercises.
Circuit #1
(Charles Bronson)
50 SSH, 50 Merkins, 50 Pickle Pounders, 50 LBCs, & 50 Squat Jumps:
– Round 1: Start by completing 50 SSH’s, then perform 3 Pole SUICIDES
– Round 2: Start by completing 50 Merkins, then perform 3 Pole SUICIDES
– Round 3: Start by completing 50 Pickle Pounders, then perform 3 Pole SUICIDES
– Round 4: Start by completing 50 LBC’s, then perform 3 Pole SUICIDES
– Round 5: Start by completing 50 Squat Jumps, then perform 3 Pole SUICIDES
Circuit #2
The F3 Flag was being held prisoner by the sickly Angus in the trunk of his car. The punishment for an MIA Flag is Death by Burpees. In order to honor this penalty, YHC thought it necessary to do a little Burp Back Mountain repetitions up Mt. Midoriyama.
– PAX #1: Run up and down Mt. Midoriyama 2x
– All Other PAX: Perform Burpees until PAX #1 has finished his up/down travels of Mt. Midoriyama
– When PAX #1 is done, PAX #2 begins his journeys up Mt. Midoriyama while the other PAX are still doing burpees. This rotation continues until all PAX have scaled the Mountain.
15x LBC’s
15x flutter kicks
10x Freddie Mercury’s
10x Twists
COT – Countoff, Nameorama, Shoutouts/Requests, Prayer
If you’re reading this post then please take a moment to say a prayer for a good friend of one of our own “Prosciutto”. His friend has been fighting a long battle with kidney problems and has been on Kidney Dialysis for several years. He’s been waiting for 7 years to get a Kidney Transplant and within the next year this transplant was supposed to take place.
But more bad news hit as he was told by the doctors that he has a form of lymph node cancer and will not be able to have the Kidney Transplant for at least another 5 years. Guys, just take a moment a thank the Good Lord for how fortunate we are. This man is going through Kidney Dialysis and Cancer Treatments at the same time. I personally could NOT imagine going through what he has gone through.
Please just take a few minutes to pray, to ask the Lord to be with his family/friends and to lay his healing hand on this man’s life.
“ Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”