Cardcounting at the Landfill

The Scene: Muggy/warm, zero crosswind and prime conditions for some dew-drenched, sweaty and gross men after it’s all said and done.
Always a good start to your Q when the gates to the park don’t open on time.  Alas, this didn’t stop YHC from entering the park without vehicle and scaling #theLandfill along with Early Bird and Ohms (Mudslide to arrive later on from that direction as he was still incorrectly settled into Central Standard Time from the night before. Big up yourself, Mudslide, for fighting the urge to fartsack and still making it in time for the Deck of Love.)
As the aforementioned reached the summit of the Landfill, we noticed the other 3 pax patiently and respectfully awaiting YHC; so, we quickly assembled (without the shovel flag).
One more thing, today’s weinke was written with sharpie pen on a piece of scrap drywall(!?).  Perhaps this is an F3 first? Do what you have to do with what you have…


We took a quick warm-up mosey lap around the entire upper field perimeter and then returned to the upper parking lot for the start of the, COP.
Good morning Abbey’s x 11 OYO
SSH x 11 IC
Monkey humpers x 11 IC
Sungods x 11 IC
Reverse sungods x 11 IC
S-L-O-W BAC (frontward/backward) x 11 IC
Realizing that the main thang would be somewhat challenging, YHC decided to keep the COP short and head to the pavilion for the start of,

The Thang

This was fun.  YHC pulled out an old deck of cards and the mumble chatter commenced. We played a game of dealer’s choice where each of the 4 suits were assigned an exercise (spades=burpees, hearts= squats, clubs=Merican’s & diamonds=BBSU) and the value of the card contributed to the number of reps. Aces, kings, queens and Jacks were 11 and others were as numbered. The PAX completed all 52 cards along with 2 joker cards which were ten-count countdowns. About midway through the deck, YHC issued the command to mosey to the far end of the field, then ran backwards halfway to the end; the return trip was a jailbreak and RIP Gus’ hamstring as he tried to outlast the younger pax (Ohms).  The effort level is never questioned here in the Scenic City.  Total count of 98 reps of each exercise.
*One thing to note about this exercise is that it’s a good indicator of who you don’t want to oppose in a game of hold ’em after they’ve pushed their chips all in.  You can tell, some of these guys are real hustlers on the felt tables as they were counting face cards all morning.  Good thing the pit bosses weren’t around.
Laces Out’s son
Gus’ transition
Prosciutto’s family friend
Make every day, every moment count.  Sometimes greatness comes from committing to the process of doing the best you can and being the best you can in each and every moment. Sometimes you do your best and fail, but in doing so, you’re giving maximum effort and adhering to the core principle of always doing your best; win or lose.

“Make a pact with yourself today to not be denied by your past. Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn’t what you get for it, but what you become for it. Shake things up today! Be you…Be Free…Share” (Steve Maraboli, ‘Life, The Truth, and Being Free’)

– Prosciutto