Up the LADDER to the Top

Conditions: Overcast, 60 Deg F
This Tuesday morning began with 6 PAX posting at Hill City. The morning started with Delta and I heading to Prosciutto’s house for a little car pool action. When we arrived at the scheduled 5:10 AM, the thinly sliced Italian Ham was nowhere to be found. Delta and YHC waited for a good 45 seconds before deciding to leave the Fartsacker behind. Prosciutto texted the group message saying he fell back asleep because of the thunder storms when clearly he was just scared of the thunder storm workout yours truly was about to deliver. The entire morning had been rainy (I imagine the Good Man Upstairs was crying due to Prosciutto’s decision to Fartsack) but the Good Lord decided to dry the skies just as we arrived at the AO.
Anyway, enough shade throwing…here’s what went down:
The workout started with a little disclaimer and a short mosey to The Great Hall. Upon, arrival at The Great Hall YHC instructed the PAX that we were going to be doing the Bearcrawl Ring of Fire. Very similar to the typical ring of fire, but instead of jogging around the circle you bearcrawl. PAX 1 calls out an exercise and then proceeds to Bear Crawl around the circle of PAX while everyone performs the workout that was called out. You continue to go around the circle until all PAX have completed 3 Bear Crawl trips.
When we were feeling nice and warm we took a little mosey to Mt. Midoriyama’s little cousin next door. This is where the real action took place.
Circuit #1
(Jacob’s Ladder)
This exercise starts out with PAX getting in a line at the bottom of the hill. All PAX run to the top of the hill where 1 Burpee is performed, then run back down the hill. Repeat this process adding 1 Burpee at the top, and continue to repeat until 7 total Burpees are complete.
7 Burpees doesn’t sound like much (well actually its 28 total Burpees) but adding that to 7 times up and down the hill really makes things much more complicated.
Circuit #2
(The Merkin Ladder)
Find a launch point and target point to duck waddle to while simultaneously holding a rock (Each PAX grabbed their own rock but YHC told everyone to swap rocks with a fellow PAX just to ensure no lightweight pebbles were picked up). Start with 1 Merkin. Duck Waddle to target point and back to launch point. 2 Merkins. Waddle to target point and back to launch point. 3 Merkins. Continue increasing Merkin count up to 10 total Merkins for a total of 55 Merkins.
When everyone was done climbing the Merkin Ladder, YHC instructed the PAX to bring their rocks back to their rightful place. While walking to the Land of the Rocks, the PAX were told to perform Overhead Presses. Everyone seemed to pick up their pace a little bit after that command.
15x LBC’s
15x Flutter Kicks
15x Freddie Mercury’s
15x American Hammers
COT – Countoff, Nameorama, Shoutouts/Requests, Prayer
“ You can’t climb the Ladder of Success with your hands in your pocket ”