Slingshot Engaged!

QIC:  Shake N Bake

Date: 02/02/2022

PAX: Second Base, Band Camp, Life Alert, Doogie, Gretel, O.B., Moneyball, Dundee, Mr. Clean, Snatch, Lyft, Tasty Cakes, Sandbag, Hasbro, Roomba, 8 Seconds, Sling Blade, Recycle, Fissure, Chunks, Sherlock, Starbucks, Cleaver, Ponce

AO: Shothouse


A pleasant near 50 degrees with a slight breeze. Amazing weather for Feb. 2.


The nice weather and VQ occasion resulted in a huge group of HIM’s. A short and sweet warmup got everybody ready to roll. The warmup consisted of:

Forward Fold OYO

Iraqi Tea Time OYO

Down Dog-Cobra-Down Dog

Seal Claps- 10 Count in Cadence (Because we were graced with Band Camp’s Presence)

Overhead Clasp- 10 Count in Cadence

Block Mosey to the track

The Thang

All Pax Lined up in 2 rows, counted off 1-2’s (with some difficulty) Blocks were to stay in this location by the gate

2 by 2 by 2 =22 (Follow my math)
2 groups of HIM’s going in opposite directions around the track. At the end zone ends of the track they found a box of Shake N Bake (Extra Crispy) taped to a list of excercises.

Imperial Walkers -HC




Big Boy Sit-ups

Keeping with the theme of 2’s, as the PAX made their way around the track from station to station, they added 2 reps to their set at each stop. So, first stop, 2 reps of each exercise. Run the half lap to the next stop, 4 reps of each exercise. Then 6, 8 10, and so on, 2 by 2, capping the count at 22. Anyone able to complete the total to 22 would be rewarded with running 2 full laps and starting over.

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!!! – Don’t forget about those coupons! The blocks were left by the gate. Each lap as the PAX pass into the block gauntlet, they must complete 22 reps before proceeding. I originally had a list of 5 exercises to chose from, taped to the white board with the workout plan. The wind removed this before the workout began, so an audible was called to let each man choose what he wanted to do 22 reps of on each lap. Like robots, we all did curls first, then chaotic variety ensued as the laps continued. So, 22 reps of a block exercise on every lap added to the 2 themed madness.

So far as I know, nobody completed the course. A few top flight HIM’s hit the 22 number but were unable to complete their reward of 2 laps before time expired. But I feel like everyone successfully pushed themselves and got the most of the opportunity to get better.


Power, Love, Self-Discipline

I shared with the PAX that in the beginning, F3 was quite intimidating for me. But I knew I wanted to work to the point where I could step up and lead. So from the beginning, I have leaned on the scripture 2 Tim. 1:7 “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self control.”

Quoted F3 Mission Statement- To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Key word is invigoration. It means to give strength or energy to. Synonyms are: Energize, motivate, encourage. That starts small, man to man. In the gloom. We encourage and motivate each other.

To serve the F3 purpose, to serve the PAX, I lean on the concept from 2 Tim. 1:7. The spirit of God in me gives me power, love and self control.

Self control to be sure I get enough sleep, that I wake up when that alarm sounds, that I focus on my diet so that I am constantly working to become a better version of myself physically.

Love to push my brothers in the gloom to give their all. To love my F3 brothers enough to put time and effort into planning and preparing to lead them.

Power to physically perform the tasks required at the beat downs. But also to mentally overcome and hang tough when my body wants to quit.

To live out the F3 mission which is to ultimately invigorate male community leadership, it takes power, love and self control.


Blue was dearly missed, especially at every good TWSS opportunity. The wind was a factor in the beginning (see above comment about list being blown away), lots of “I thought it was supposed to be warmer” grumbling was heard.” But once we got moving and got some reps under our belts, all thoughts of chilly wind were tossed aside along with jackets and hoodies etc.

Various mumble chatter lingers in my mind such as:

” I love the sound of men grunting in the morning”

” I ate nothing but broccoli for dinner, you think I’m gonna quit now?!?”

And of course, the classic-

“What number are we on??”


A fireside coffeeteria was enjoyed post beat down by a few 2nd F seeking HIM’s. Most Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s you can find a few of us at the Jack’s on Hixson Pike commiserating about difficult aspects of the beat down or the weather. Friday’s are particular special when uncle blue reads us a story.

Tuff Muff coming up on Feb. 19th, see slack for details.

Various 3rd F opportunities are can be found on slack, find something that you can get plugged into and get out there and serve the community. Leaders serve others. (I learned that from one of Uncle Blue’s stories)

Look for Shake N Bake future Q’s, coming to an AO near you!

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    Playlist of Pain

    QIC: Bonsai

    Date: 01/28/2021

    PAX: Abercrombie, Clothespin, 9 Volt, Mrs. Baker, Thin Mint, Tinkerbell, El Chapo

    AO: The Battery


    33 degrees wasn’t so bad at first, but the 13mph winds were exceptionally unpleasant.


    Mosey around the dog park and group up in the parking lot.

    10 SSH – IC

    Forward Fold – Silent Count

    10 SSH – IC

    10 Third Grade Exercise – IC

    5 Worlds Greatest Stretch – IC each side

    10 SSH – IC

    10 Don Quixote’s (Windmills) – IC

    10 SSH – IC

    Mosey to the skate park for the Thang.

    The Thang

    The Thang consisted of various songs that used repeating words to trigger an exercise.

    “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba
    SSH throughout the song dropping for a burpee every time the song says “I get knocked down”. Extra Credit: Double up the Burpees by dropping every time they sing “down”.

    “ABC” by Jackson 5
    On your six. Maintain flutter kicks or Freddie Mercurys throughout the song. During the chorus, perform an Alphabet exercise. Alphabet exercise is to draw the uppercase alphabet with your toes, keeping your feet off the ground. Return to flutter kicks/Mercurys during verses and pick up where you left of for each chorus. Try to get through the whole alphabet before the end of the song, moving to 1-10, then lowercase letters if you do.

    “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas
    Hold Al Gore while punching during verses. Front Kick or Imperial Walker during chorus, alternating legs. Extra Credit: Squat between kicks.

    “Roxanne” by The Police
    On your six. Pickle pointers until you hear the trigger words. Big Boi Situp on “Roxanne”. Box Cutter on “Red Lights”.

    Indian Run around the dog park. Stopped halfway to do some arm exercises to loosen up. 5 each IC of Little Baby Arm Circles forward, backward, seal claps, overhead claps, Moroccan Night Clubs. Moseyed back to the skate park.

    “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid
    Hold plank position and perform exercises based on a few trigger words in the song.

    – “Cupid Shuffle” – Shoulder Touches
    – “Down, Down, Do your dance” – Merkin, then Spiderman (Extra Credit: two merkins)
    – “To the Right” – Plank shuffle right
    – “To the Left” – Plank shuffle left
    – “Now kick” – Donkey Kick
    – “Walk it” – Mountain Climber

    “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC
    Keep step ups going throughout the song. Squat on the trigger word “Thunder”.


    QIC spoke about personal experience with needing to trust in God despite life not looking like you may expect or want it to. You have people around you to help you stay on the right path. We have the bible as a guide to making right decisions. God did not bring us to where we are just to abandon us.

    Proverbs 3:5-6 (New International Version)

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart
        and lean not on your own understanding;
    in all your ways submit to him,
        and he will make your paths straight.[a]


    Mrs Baker’s shoulder was holding up surprisingly well despite all those squats.

    Clothespin is a glutton for punishment. Almost 50 Burpees during Tubthumping.

    I need to teach some of you all how to punch.

    I underestimated the difficulty of doing all of these songs at once. Some modifications were required….

    Dirty Regifter Santa

    QIC: Bonsai

    Date: 12/18/2020

    PAX: Sidekick, mothballs, sex wax, bandwagon, mayhem, Escobar, Bernie, MIA, oui oui, Vaccine, Tatonka, AOL, Toe Tag, Toe Jelly, Clothespin

    AO: Hacksaw


    Some of the PAX commented that icicles were forming on their foreheads.  This fact was unconfirmed, however, recently every day has felt cold enough to reasonably complain about.  Low 20s, sky was clear and starry.


    I’m not a big fan of SSHs so I kept the PAX active throughout the workout with a boxer shuffle between exercises.  Fists up, bouncing lightly on the balls of the feet.

    20x Pogo Jumps – OYO as high as you can

    10x Butt Kickers – OYO, both sides

    10x Imperial Walkers – IC

    30 sec Forward Fold – Silent Count

    10x Side Stretches – IC

    10x Arm Circles – IC, Forward and Backward

    10x Jabs – IC, 2x Forward Punches, 1x Backward punch each count, then switched sides

    10x Front Kicks – IC, both sides

    The Thang

    PAX counted off and were split into teams of Odds and Evens and told to group up on opposite sides of the flag pole.

    Around the short track were 3 locations with different types of “presents”.  The three locations were Bricks, Weights (of various forms), and Coupons.  PAX were given a rundown of the rules of the game, the goal of which was to see which team could give the most “presents” to the other team.

    When the music began PAX moseyed around the short track in a counterclockwise direction, picking up a present from one of the locations on the way and carrying it around the track back to their team’s location.  Once back at the flag pole they would perform one of the below series of exercises to correspond with the chosen present then gift the present to the other team by placing it on the other team’s side of the flag pole.  After presents were all claimed, mosey around the track then perform the series of exercises x2 to move the present to the other team.  Cut the mosey for the last 5 mins, much to Tatonka’s dismay. Continued until time was called.


    • Bricks
      • 5 Brickies (Burpees with Bricks)
      • 10 Nutcrackers (Starting with bricks above your head do a lunge, simultaneously bring the bricks together between your legs, then back above your head)
      • 15 SSH w/ Bricks Wonderbras w/ bricks held together
    • Weights (10lb weight plates, 8lb Duct Taped sand bags, Firewood of various weight)
      • 5 American Thors (Big Boi situp w/ a set of 4 American Hammers for each count)
      • 10 Squat Thrusts
      • 15 Tricep Extensions
    • Coupons
      • 5 Goblet Squats
      • 10 Derkins
      • 15 Curls for the Girls

    After time was called PAX had a few mins left.  Spent some time stacking and organizing the presents then a couple ab exercises.

    • Alphabets (on your six, legs 6 inches off the ground, trace the alphabet in capital letters with your feet)
    • Freddy Mercury until time


    QIC spoke on how as men we are responsible for remaining alert and preparing for the future, not in fear but in wisdom, recognizing that we can experience changes in our circumstances that we may never anticipate.  Referenced AoM article about alertness.

    Through Chubby’s and a non-profit my wife has been working for I have met individuals who had good jobs, large homes, and great families but due to circumstances they never expected they face foreclosure, and an inability to pay utilities or feed their families.  Be it sickness, layoff, COVID, or separation we can’t always predict what the future brings but we can be generally prepared for a variety of storms by setting up sandbags in our lives.

    Sandbags can be relationships, financial savings, family, paying off debt, mentors who can provide wisdom, new skills, anything that helps you to navigate and withstand adverse situations.  It is important to recognize and reinforce your sandbags consciously before the storms come.


    What do you call ‘in cadence’ that is not 4 count?  1 count cadence?  Single count?  Regardless, QIC will work on how to end the count.  Inflection on a single number is hard.

    “Even” team won, but there is an ongoing investigation into claims of cheating.  There are rumors some PAX traveled clockwise to grab a coupon and cut the mosey short.  Pending review.

    Clothespin and Sidekick volleyed the 45lb ruck sack.  They seemed to get a bit of a high off of the increased weight, though some might say the ‘high’ came from the 8lb duct taped weights.  Let’s hope Clothespin never gets pulled over….

    Decided last minute to cut the SSH w/ bricks due to them being a bit slick with ice.  Airborne bricks were deemed probable and though we will happily assist injured PAX to their car we prefer to avoid it best we can.

    41 bricks, 18 coupons, 18 weights, 10 logs, a 45lb rucksack, and 8 duct taped bags of….hmmm.  I love playing with toys but maybe less is more sometimes.  Special thanks to those who helped pack it all up at the end.

    Note for next time I want to use a whiteboard.  Dry erase markers freeze. You don’t want to be in a position where you have 16 men all referring to the same hastily written out half sheet of paper.

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    The Train 10/23/20

    QIC:  DNF

    Date: 10/23/20

    PAX: Cavity Search, Crawdaddy, threeskin, Get Smart, John Doe, El Chapo (RESPECT), Coldplay

    AO: Parliament


    It’s been a warm week for October, and that is consistent with today. Low 60’s in the gloom this morning was super!


    SSH x30 IC

    WMH x10 IC

    SSH x30 IC

    Forward Fold x9 IC

    Third Grade Exercise x10 IC

    Little baby arm circles forward x15 IC

    Little baby arm circles reverse x15 IC

    Overhead press x15 IC

    The Thang

    Mosey from vehicles to parking lot near school entrance

    Q established a start line and finish line at either end of the parking lot. Exercises were run between these lines for the 45 minute beatdown

    Alternating bear crawl = attacking bear crawl (forward), retreating bear crawl (backward). Q announced motion changes forward and backward as we crawled our way from one end to the other

    25 Merkins OYO

    Sprint to other end and Bernie back

    10 Burpees OYO

    Alternating bear crawl = attacking bear crawl (forward), retreating bear crawl (backwards). Q announced motion changes forward and backward as we crawled our way from one end to the other

    Big Boi situps x10 OYO

    Flutter kicks x30 IC

    6 inches until recover (one minute)

    Freddie Mercurys x30 IC

    Twisted Scissors x20 IC

    Alternating bear crawl = attacking bear crawl (forward), retreating bear crawl (backwards). Q announced motion changes forward and backward as we crawled our way from one end to the other

    20 Merkins OYO

    20 Jump squats OYO

    Monkey humpers x15 IC

    Walking Imperial Walkers to other end

    Forward bear crawl back

    Walking lunges to half and run to end

    Reverse lunges to half and Bernie to end

    Sprint to other end and Bernie back

    Sprint to other end and Bernie back

    5 minute DORA. Partner one does burpees while partner two runs down and back. Switch

    Mosey back to vehicles.




    At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel by our side. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, strangers and even the love of your life. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. Others will step down over time and leave a permanent vacuum. Some, however, will go so unnoticed that we don’t realize they vacated their seats. This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers requiring that we give the best of ourselves. The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.
    I wish you a joyful journey for the coming years on your train of life.  Reap success, give lots of love and be happy.  More importantly, thank God for the journey!
    Lastly, I want to thank you for being one of the passengers on my train! 

    (Author Unknown)


    6 inches exercise never disappoints. PAX gets a killer ab burn out of it… while also igniting hilarious conversation. Once it starts…. it continues and stays throughout the remainder of time


    Beer run prep is this Saturday for whoever wishes to scope out Abercrombie’s farm. See channel for more info

    Small business owner support

    3rd F opportunities with Chubby’s

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      QIC:  DNF

      Date: 9/5/20

      PAX: Abercrombie, Furley, Deep Dish, Gaylord, Schnitzel, Shawshank, 9 Volt, Clothespin, Coldplay

      AO: The Battery


      A cool 61 degrees, tolerable humidity, no precipitation


      Mosey to the tennis courts

      SSH x20 IC

      Willy Mays Hayes x10 IC

      SSH x20 IC

      Forward Fold x8 IC

      Third Grade Exercises x12 IC

      The Thang

      We used the outer four corners of two combined tennis courts and did 4 exercises at each station, with a designated mode of transportation between each. PAX finishing ahead held Al Gore or a plank until the six was in. The four stations of exercises were rinsed and repeated.

      STATION I (legs):

      Jump Squats x20 OYO

      Monkey Humpers x40 OYO

      Bonnie Blairs x20 OYO

      Mountain Climbers x40 OYO

      Mode of transportation to next corner was 10 broad jumps, followed by a 10 pace bear crawl

      STATION II (core):

      6 inches (until recover)

      Twisted Scissors x30 IC

      Heel Touches x30 IC

      LBC’s x40 OYO

      Mode of transportation to next corner was 10 broad jumps, followed by a 10 pace bear crawl

      STATION III (Chest):

      Merkins x30 OYO

      Wide Merkins x20 OYO

      Diamond Merkins x10 OYO

      Burpees x5 OYO

      Mode of transportation to next corner was 10 broad jumps, followed by a 10 pace bear crawl

      STATION IV (Pick your poison)

      Q called on different PAX members for a total of 4 exercises. Multiple rounds were completed of the four corners, and the exercises at station IV consisted of…. Hundreds, Big Boi’s, Russian Twists, Jane Fonda’s, American Hammers, Flutter kicks, Imperial Walkers, LBC’s, Elbow Plank, Freddie Mercury’s ( a few repeats… especially the Hundreds)

      Mode of transportation to next corner was 10 broad jumps, followed by a 10 pace bear crawl

      3 rounds were completed before time. We then moseyed back to the flags with our final 60 seconds.


      Stay close to your friends. There are too many men out there who gave up on forming true friendships after finishing school. In addition, many men have lost touch with the wonderful friendships that they were blessed with in their younger years. Why? Likely because they have started families, are working on starting families, have gotten career focused… all of which are very good things. Yet, if we do not make time for friendships, we are empty in one corner of our lives. I encouraged PAX to reach back and reconnect with any friendships they may have lost touch with over the years. Encouraged those who have strong friendships to hold onto them and cherish them. I love to see some of the youth sports going on right now, even in the middle of all the modern day madness. It is so much more for these kids than winning. It is camaraderie. It is learning how to win together, deal with defeat and failure, seeing the value of hard work, and caring about and contributing to a greater good. In addition to lifelong friendships, we fortunate men are active in F3 which is developing a whole new set of friends as we continue to age. Proof that making friends is a lifelong journey and should never stop.


      9 Volt can bear crawl faster than anyone, and if he shaved his wrists to make his fit watch more accurate he would look like a poodle. Deep Dish enjoys a pick your poison exercise and is quite dangerous… to no surprise. Puddles of sweat were left on the courts, staking our claim.


      Labor Day Convergence

      Beer Run (stay tuned on the development of this plan)

      3rd F rundown by Coldplay. See channel for info

      Recent Backblasts

        What goes up, must come down

        QIC: Holy Kiss

        Date: 06/30/2020

        PAX: Prosciutto, Whittler, Pomade, Burrito,  Bumble Bee, Truck Stop, Gusher, Red Raider, Recycle, Hambone, Afterbirth, Pound Dog, FNG-Old School

        AO: Smackdown


        Muggy 70 something with a nice cool wet field


        Warm up lap around track

        SSH X25, Little Baby Arm Circles X15 and reverse X15, Seal Claps X15, Overhead Press X15, Willy Mays Hays X10, Imperial Walkers X10, SSH X25, Third Grade Exercise X15

        The Thang

        4 Corner Escalator

        Corner 1

        5 Burpees OYO, hold plank for 6

        Corner 2:

        5 Burpees, 15 Merkins OYO, hold plank for 6

        Corner 3:

        5 Burpees, 15 Merkins OYO, 25 Squats, hold plank for 6

        Corner 4:

        5 Burpees, 15 Merkins OYO, 25 Squats, 35 block press, hold plank for 6

        Corner 4: And back down….

        5 Burpees, 15 Merkins OYO, 25 Squats, 35 block press, hold plank for 6

        Corner 3:

        5 Burpees, 15 Merkins OYO, 25 Squats, hold plank for 6

        Corner 2:

        5 Burpees, 15 Merkins OYO, hold plank for 6

        Corner 1

        5 Burpees OYO, hold plank for 6

        Stairway to Seven

        On bleachers: 1 Incline Merkin, Box Jump to top, 6 squats, Box Jump Down… 2 Incline Merkins, Box Jump to top, 5 Squats, Box Jump Down… so an and so forth until 6 incline merkins at bottom and 1 squat at top

        Slow Tempo Dips on Bleachers…I think I will officially name these STDs

        4 Count Exercise In cadence.. Down on 1 hold… up on 2 hold, down on 3 hold, up on 4.. X7

        Johnny Cash / Ring of Merkin

        PAX hold plank in circle.. 1 merkin up to 5 reps


        “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy” -MLK Jr.


        Recent Backblasts

          The Last Dance with the G.O.A.T- the greatest basketball player ever!

          QIC: Hasbro VQ

          Date: 05/28/2020

          PAX: Whittler, Geek Squad, Blindside, Pumpkin, Gretel, Milkman, MoneyBall, Ducktales, Friar Tuck, threeskin, Mr. Clean, Fissure, Hasbro, and U-turn

          AO: The Huey



          Warm and muggy due to a steady overnight rain. There was copious quantities of perspiration within the PAX. You could feel the humidity on your face.

          Preface: What a lot of people do not realize is Michael Jordan did not start out as the best basketball player in the world.  Everyone remembers the many references: Air Jordan, Air, His Airness, the phrases “Be Like Mike, or I Want to be like Mike”.  

          Everything you do on the basketball court uses almost every muscle group in the human body. Everything from rebounding, shooting, guarding, and even dribbling the ball.  Having a strong core helps to evade and fight off injury.  At the center of greatness, the best become better! MJ was a tremendous leader on the court and it’s because of his unshaken willpower and discipline he was able to achieve more than anyone thought was possible.


          400-meter run around the track at warm up pace

          Circle up (in the parking lot)

          Arm circles forward x 23

          Arm circles backward x 23

          SSH x 23 OYO

          Finkle Swings – 12 each leg (do them OYO to practice social distancing)

          Willie Mays Hays – 23 total OYO

          SSH – 23 OYO

          The Thang

          Mosey to the pavilion and grab a picnic table

          Merkins x 23

          Jump shots x 5

          Decline Merkins: x 23

          Jump shots x 5

          Incline Merkins x 23

          Jump shots x 5

          Air Drama (squat and come up and extend calves): x 23

          MJ, His Airness, had the ability to leap high and jump over his opponents on the way to the basket.  He seemed to soar above the competition.

          Long jump from patio to wall and back) (modify as nec.)


          LBC – x 23

          Reverse Crunch x 23

          Hold Plank – 30 seconds

          American hammer – 23 count

          Moseyed to the parking lot by the trashcans as there was time on the clock. Dora.

          Partnered up, and performed the following movements and ran to the end of the parking lot and back while in between rotations

          Mericans x 100

          Air squats x 100

          Dive Bombers x 100

          Finished off with a circle of Mericans. Each PAX performed 5 reps to exhaustion


          Jordan’s personal trainer, Tim Grover believed that a solid core is essential to helping an athlete run faster, jump higher and reach his full athletic potential. 

          MJ always wanted to get better and was never satisfied.  No matter how many accolades, mentions he received, recognition, etc.  He always wanted to go against the best players. He never played down to the level of his combination.  He faced many adversaries on the court that were physically stronger. But through it all, he achieved greatness because he knew he could do it.  He was very determined and set on his goals.

          We as PAX are called to play to the highest level on the court of life.  There are no shortcuts! The Lord instructs his children to do all they do as unto the Lord. That is giving every conceivable effort to finish what we started.

          End with scripture references. 

          1 Corinthians 10:31

          So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God

          Colossians 3:17

          And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus

          B.O.S. – Bombs Over Smackdown

          QIC:  Recycle

          Date: 05/21/2020

          PAX: Burrito, Prosciutto, Oil Can, Lady Gaga, Pediasure, Money Ball, Blindside, Gusher, Hambone, Afterbirth, Booger, Red Raider, John Doe, Dundee, Nordictrack, Gusher, Laces Out (RESPECT), Pomade, Ashley Madison, FNG-Pound Dog

          AO: Smackdown


          54 degrees, cloudy, grass still wet from previous day’s rain


          1 lap mosey
          Reverse x10

          The Thang

          Bombs Over Smackdown

          PAX partner up in pairs (no touching!)

          B – Burpees x 100
          O – Overhead Claps x 150
          M – Merkins x 200
          B – Big Boy Situps x 250
          S – Squats x 300

          All PAX start on home sideline. 1 PAX does reps, 1 PAX moseys to visitor sideline and back, flapjack, continue until total is reached. If PAX finish before others, jump in with a different group so all PAX finish together.

          Cool down:


          All PAX hold high plank while listening to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. Every time PAX hear the word thunder, do a merkin.


          I started posting with F3 to help me manage my post traumatic stress and I have been blessed with the support I have received over the last two and a half months. It has been a godsend for my mental health as well as my physical well being. I did not realize how much I missed suffering together with men since I left the Marine Corps!

          This Memorial Day I will be remembering Willie Furmon. Willie lost his battle with his demons 93 days ago and it was the loss of him that really pushed me to take the plunge and start posting with F3. Willie was a near perfect model Marine who was loved and respected by everyone who served with him. I was privileged to lead him as a section chief and platoon sergeant and I loved him like a little brother.


          Take a guess at how many side straddle hops we ended our warmup with. Burrito lost count but continued counting….loudly! 15? 18? 26? I have no idea, but neither does Burrito!

          Playlist: Outkast, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains

          Laces Out’s daughter is getting married this weekend! She is marrying an Army soldier, but we won’t hold that against her. Congratulations Laces Out and family!

          Recent Backblasts

            “Offseason” over for Hill City (3/12/2020)

            QIC:  Ramos

            Date: 05/12/2020

            PAX: She Shed, Deerjack, Pink Panther, Dolly, Sunshine, Free Candy, Wort, CareBear, Sherlock, Back Pew, Milkman, Slois Lane, Hobo, Skitch, Dirk, Moneyball

            AO: Hill City


            71% visible waning gubbious moon on a cool, overcast morning.


            Mosey around field
            Seal Claps
            Third Grade Stretch
            Forward Fold

            The Thang

            200 Merkins, 300 LBCs, 400 Mountain Climbers.

            Other Partner does 30 lunges out then jailbreaks back.

            5 minutes of AMRAP

            30 seconds of Burpees, 30 seconds rest.


            Regular low plank

            High plank shoulder taps

            American (not Turkish) Hammers


            15 Burpees for a “fun” finish.



            My “Turkish Hammers” gaffe caused an uproar from all our patriots in the PAX. American hammers are way heavier they told me.


            Recent Backblasts

              Doin’ It Tough at Hill City

              QIC:  Oil Can (VQ!)

              Date: 03/19/2020

              PAX: Uncle Fester, Hobo, The Count (respect x2), Free Candy, Sunshine, Iron Butt (respect x2), Goose, Blindside, Hansen, Moneyball, Stroker, Kowbell, Tinkle, Back Pew, Ringwald, Skitch, Teflon

              AO: Hill City


              Ideal. 60 degrees with a few clouds overhead.


              20 SSH IC; 10 Forward Fold IC; 10 Little Baby Arm Circles IC forward & reverse; 10 Willie Mays Hays IC; 10 3rd Grade Exercises IC
              Mosey to start of Walnut St bridge; 10 burpees OYO

              The Thang

              Split into two groups & set out two cones; second is about 1/4 way along the bridge, first is ~15 feet closer

              Modified version of Indian file. Everyone lines up and holds Al Gore. Person from the back jailbreaks to front, then shouts down for everyone to do a squat. Upon hearing down, person from the back jailbreaks to front. Continue to far cone, mosey back to end of bridge.

              Keep split into two groups.
              Group 1: Jailbreak to 1st cone, mosey back
              Group 2: Incline Merkins
              Everyone continues exercise until six is in, Groups rotate

              Group 1: Jailbreak to 1st cone, mosey back, jailbreak to 2nd cone, mosey back
              Group 2: LBCs
              Everyone continues exercise until six is in, rotate

              Group 1: Jailbreak to 2nd cone, mosey back
              Group 2: Decline Merkins
              Everyone continues exercise until six is in, rotate

              All mosey to 2nd cone & back to end of bridge

              Group 1: Mosey to 1st cone, jailbreak to 2nd, mosey back
              Group 2: Flutter Kicks
              Everyone continues exercise until six is in, rotate

              Group 1: Jailbreak to 1st cone, lunges to second, mosey back
              Group 2: Dips
              Everyone continues exercise until six is in, rotate

              All mosey to 2nd cone & back to end of bridge

              Group 1: Jailbreak to 1st cone, bear crawl to 2nd, mosey back
              Group 2: Merkins
              Everyone continues exercise until six is in, rotate

              Group 1: Jailbreak to 1st cone, crab walk to 2nd, crab walk back to 1st, mosey back
              Group 2: Hold Plank
              Everyone continues exercise until six is in, rotate

              10 Burpees, 10 LBCs, 10 squats OYO, recover. All do lunges to 1st cone, mosey back to parking lot.

              Finish the workout off with some mary’s.
              10 dive bombers OYO, 10 American Hammers IC, 10 Flutter Kicks IC, 15 Pickle Pounders IC.


              Spoke about those who are doing it tough in the world right now, not just because of COVID-19 but from a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenge. Encouraged PAX to check in with someone, ask them ‘are you ok?’ and get closer to people at a time when we are all being told to distance ourselves. Wanted to acknowledge that many were already dealing with personal issues before the outbreak of COVID-19.


              Q learned that ‘doing it tough’ (translation: to be struggling) is not a term used in this part of the world.
              The smell of freshly baked donuts from across the street at Julie Darling was very real.


              F3 suspended temporarily. Maintain distance between one another & stay updated via Times Free Press (free coverage of all COVID-19 news), CDC and the WHO.

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