The Grand Prix

QIC: Angus
PAX: Mudslide, Prosciutto, Burgundy, Sparkles, Mr. Clean, Rainman, and Ohms
POST DATE: July 22, 2017

AO: The Land Fill
Conditions: 77 Degrees and Humid but with a little bit of cloud coverage to keep the PAX cool for at least the first part of the workout.
The Welcome and Disclaimer were promptly delivered by YHC with enthusiasm and anticipation for what was in store.
Warm Up: YHC through a curveball and jumped straight into a heavy handed beat down — Positioned at the top gate pax were instructed to execute 15 burpees then run to the bottom gate, this about half a mile. As we were running down Ohms decided to grace us with his presence and take his sweet time catching up so he missed all the burpees, good work. 15 more burpees at the bottom and run back to the top. YHC had some real Smoke Boots on as the PAX were swiftly led back to the top where we [finally] were greeted by Ohms.
The Thang: 8 PAX stood agape at the cones YHC had strategically placed just far enough apart to merit concern. YHC presents “The Grand Prix” – partly inspired by The Cooper and partly by pure masochism. A track is laid out in cones about 100 yards in length and 30 yards in width. Each PAX had a coupon and were instructed to perform 10 burpees (without coupons), 10 Overhead Presses, and 10 Curls then run 1 lap around the track. Rinse and Repeat reducing the number of reps by 1 and the run gets swapped out each time.
The Grand Prix
10 Reps – Run
9 Reps – Bear Crawl
8 Reps – Lunge
7 Reps – Broad Jump
6 Reps – Seal Crawl
5 Reps – Ass Kick
4 Reps – Hodor (Hold Coupon straight out and walk)
3 Reps – Backwards Run
2 Reps – Side Lunge
1 Reps – High Knees
The Warm Up: The PAX headed down and found the best wall in the shade — each PAX grabbed a buddy. While the buddy held a wall sit the other performed the exercises, then swap.
Wall Sit / Diamond Merkins x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Carolina Dry Docks x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Merkins x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / LAC x 20. Swap.
Wall Sit / Chinooks x 20. Swap.
Wall Sit / Moroccan Night Club x 20. Swap.
Moleskin: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
Angus Out