Running Late

QIC: Steam Engine
Date: 9/19/2017
PAX: Angus, Ohms, Prosciutto, Flemish, Best in Show, Stairmaster, Ese, Laces Out, Delta, Lazy Boy, Mudslide
AO: Hill City
Conditions: Nice cool 64 degrees
QIC forgot to set an alarm and woke up at 510. So asked Angus to deliver disclaimer & to warm the PAX up til I arrived.
Warm Up: Provided by Angus
The Thang:
Mosey to The Great Hall:
Animal Crossing:
Bear crawl to column followed by 10 merkins and bear crawl back
Duck walk to column followed by 10 merkins and duck walk back
Crab walk to column followed by 10 merkins and crab walk back
Frog jump to column followed by 10 merkins and frog jump back
Komodo craw to column followed by 10 merkins and komodo craw back
Next we found a spot on the wall for some wall sits:
Wall sit w/ Muhammad Ali’s IC 15x
Wall sit w/ Joe Frazier’s IC 15x
Wall sit w/ shoulder press IC 15x
Mosey to The Swamp:
Box Jump to the top followed by squats IC 10x (Rinse & repeat 4x)
Mosey to Mt Medoriama:
Bear crawl up Mt Medoriam (Rinse & repeat 2x)
LBC IC 15x
RBC IC 15x
Hello Dolly IC 15x
Flutter Kicks IC 15x
Box Cutters IC 15x
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC 15x
WOD: Been reading a biography about Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip. From a young age Charles knew he wanted to be a cartoonist but more specifically he wanted to create comic strips. Everyone in his family doubted him & even said he would never amount to much. Schulz got rejected by various newspapers in Minnesota & even Walt Disney but he kept drawing. It was his persistence to keep drawing that allowed him to find success. I just want to remind the PAX this morning that we need to be persistent & keep coming out to Hill City & Landfill. We will not see results overnight but if we come out everyday it will get easier. So I leave you with this quote from my book: “I was never discouraged I always knew that I was getting closer & closer.”
Reached shirt order quota
November 17: GrowRuck in Chattanooga
Hump Day Happy Hour (HDHH): Details to come
September 22: Date night with a Purpose
September 21: Prosciutto on Q
September 23: Angus on Q
October 21: Mr. Clean’s house for potluck & football
Prayer Request:
Delta: pastor for beach retreat for families with kids with cancer
Flemish: M taking lose of young patient at work
Prosciutto: Funeral of childhood friend over the weekend. Mom’s friend (neighbor) passed away over the weekend