1 Percent

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 9/21/2017
PAX: Angus, Best in Show (RESPECT), Laces Out (RESPECT), Ohms, Stairmaster
AO: Hill City
Conditions: Temperature, 69 degrees, wind out of the south to southeast @ 2mph and 80% humidity. Perfect weather to get 1% better.

Disclaimer provided with care and alarm.
SSH x 12 IC
ST Merkins x 10 IC
High Plank x 10 IC
Side Plank (left) x 10 IC
Side Plank (right) x 11 IC
Imperial Walker x 12 IC
SSH x 12 IC
The Main Thang:
– Run across river via Market Street bridge to Ross’ Landing passing by aquarium
While running, the PAX were instructed that EMOM –Every Minute on the Minute– during the movement the PAX would execute 10 merkins until the run is complete (~1 mile)
(SPOILER ALERT: PAX Completed 1.2 miles in total, and performed 80 Merkins, 10 Dips (aka Freak Nasty’s), and 10 Carolina Dry Docks (because we saw a wet dock); at that point, YHC **INSISTED** that the Q was scripted, despite some mumble chatter suggesting otherwise.)
– Mosey to the bigfoot sized steps and execute:
Jacob’s Ladder (Climb an elevated platform and execute a single exercise at the top, incrementing 1 with each summit until you’ve reached 7)
YHC requested an exercise to complete at the top of the 12 massive steps and Angus offered Burpees, with a wry grin. YHC was not in any mood to argue with the man and since that was the only suggestion, that’s the way it went.
1 Burpee
2 Burpees
3 Burpees
4 Burpees
5 Burpees
6 Burpees
7 Burpees
YHC checked the time –and there we were, 6:01am — Decision was made to return to the loveshack to hopefully have minutes to spare for some <Mary>.
10 x Bay City Scissors (IC – 8 count)
LBC x 20 IC
Touched on the backstory in the F3Chattanooga newsletter on 9/11 regarding the concept of 1% better/improvement each day. It’s not just in exercising, it’s across all facets of your life.
Keep EH’ing but with respectful approach. I shared a recent story about being a little too overt with my headlocking methods and overlooked the fact that I was being disrespectful; perhaps just a little too passionate… Nevertheless, continue to impress upon other men the strengths of getting together as a group and the benefits you personally have realized from involvement with this awesome crew!
* Camp Jordan AO – Angus and Ohms checked out CJ in the East Ridge in an OTB workout yesterday as a prospective new AO. All signs show that it fits the bill to be a great venue for some future downpainments. Looking for an official launch date in a few weeks. Also looking at Heritage Park in East Brainerd area. Start the headlocking now!!!!
* GrowRuck coming real soon (Noevember 17) to Chattanooga. Get signed up if you haven’t yet. Expecting 60-100 from around the region and we hope Chattanooga can be well represented
* Reached shirt order quota (Aye!)
* Very first 2nd F Hump Day Happy Hour (HDHH) was a success; Will need someone to commit to owning this for fellowship opportunities
* September 22: Date night with a Purpose at Red Bank Baptist Church
* September 23: Angus on Q
* October 21: Mr. Clean’s house for potluck & football
* Continue to keep the community and those around this area in your thoughts and prayers for good leadership, impactful community efforts and safe haven