Monster Mash

QIC: Steam Engine

PAX: Ohms, Angus, Vila, Delta, Flemish, Banjo, Picasso, FNG-The Count, Snowflake
AO: Hill City
Date: 10/31/2017
Conditions: 42 degrees great weather for a monster mash

Disclaimer was given & welcomed the FNG
SSH IC 15x
Little Arm Circles (LAC) Forward IC 15x
LAC Backward IC 15x
Shanook IC 15x
Alternating Toe Taps IC 15x
Peter Parker IC 15x
Mountain Goat IC 10x
Mosey to the river-walk
The Thang:
Zombie Walk: lunge across to a set point this morning we used the benches on the river walk.
Followed by Ballerina Squats IC 10 OYO
Rinse & Repeat 3x
Once we reached the Great Hall we picked out some rocks to perform The Cooper
The Cooper:
Block Burpee, Goblet Squat, Merkins, mosey to 2nd bench & back
Start at 10 reps for each excersices & work down to 1 rep
Mosey back to The Love Shack for some quick Mary
RBC IC 15x
LBC IC 10x

Prayer Request:
Count: New CEO pray for guidance and wisdom as he leads 250 people
Angus: wife’s pregnancy
Stairmaster: neighbor had electrical fire
November 11: Q School
November 18: Grow Ruck
Upcoming Q’s:
November 1: Ohms (The Griff)
November 2: Villa (Hill City)
November 4: Angus (Landfill)