Xmas Abs: The Beginning

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2yeIA-3wOo]
Q – Vila
PAX – Angus, Laces Out, Early Bird, Mudslide, Stairmaster, Picasso, Delta, Snowflake, Ohms
Warm up:

  1. SSH IC x15
  2. Mount Climb IC x15
  3. SSH IC x20
  4. High knees IC x15
  5. SSH IC x25
  6. Cotton pickers IC x15
  7. 8 count bodybuilder (8cbb) 1C x5


  1. Mosey to beginning of Walnut Street Bridge
    1. 25 merkins OYO
  2. Mosey to 1/2 way on bridge
    1. 25 merkins OYO
  3. Mosey to Ross’ Landing
    1. 10 – 8cbb OYO


  1. Box jump to top with incline push on each step. (Incline BurpBox: Chatt Box)
    1. 15 squats
    2. 15 flutter kicks


  1. Mosey back to the shack by Market Street Bridge
    1. break in the middle to get the pearls back together


  1. Flutter kicks IC x15
  2. Freddie Mercury’s IC x15
  3. LBC’s IC x15
  4. Crunchy Frog IC x15
  5. Leg climbers IC x15 each
  6. Pickle dippers IC x15
  7. Hollywood’s IC x15 each
  8. Love Handles IC x15
  9. Plank jacks  IC x15
  10. Box cutters  IC x10

I think I remember all of the 10mom, but do not be afraid correct me.
If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences.
-Criss Jami. Killosophy-

  • Laces – step mother in law hip/father in law/wife’s strength
  • Angus – wife’s pregnancy
  • Stairmaster – neighbor’s house fire recovery/transition to new congregation
  • Delta – new job in Marietta
  • Vila – new company needs some traction

Swinging hammers,