Early Mornings with DORA

Date: 12/4/2017
Q: Delta
Pax: Best in Show (Respect), Prosciutto, Early Bird
AO: Beast Ridge

The Scene: Mid 40’s at The Beast Ridge where 4 Men gathered to get better before the sun rose.
Welcome / Disclaimer were given…
The PAX took a little mosey to get the legs up and running before the warm -up.

  1. Side Straddle Hop / IC X15
  2. Imperial Walkers / IC X15
  3. High Knees / IC X15
  4. Butt Kickers / IC X15
  5. Mountain Climbers / IC X15
  6. Side Straddle Hop / IC X15
  7. Cotton Pickers / IC x 15
  8. Arm Circles (Forward) / IC X15
  9. Arm Circles (Backwards) / IC X15
  10. Chinooks / IC X15
  11. Moroccan Night Club / IC X15
  12. Side Straddle Hop / IC X13

Main Thang:
The Pax partnered up for a little DORA 1-2-3 action. Each group took turns working towards the following goals…
100 Merkins
200 Dips
300 Squats
While one man did the exercise, the other group member box jumped to the top of the stairs near the football field and did 5 Burpees at the top. The rhythm continued until each group completed the goal.
Prosciutto added a little extra credit for the PAX…and it came in the form of us all holding a plank while going around the circle counting. Prosciutto started by saying 1…the next guy would then say 1…then the next, etc until it got back to Prosciutto. He then would say 2…and we kept that rhythm until we got to the number 10.
The fun did not stop there as we took turns doing pushups with the rhythm mentioned above until we got to 10 pushups.
The PAX then headed to the parking lot where we lunged to the first light pole and then Bernie Sanders’ed back to the starting point. We lunged again followed by a karaoke back to the starting line…We did this set one more time.
6MOM / ABVent
29 LBC’s (4 Count)
Pickle Pounder / IC x 15
Freddie Mercury / IC x 15
Flutter Kicks / IC x 15
American Hammers / IC x 15
Hollywoods / IC x 15, each side
We are currently in the season of Advent. Advent, in latin means coming or arrival. We celebrate Advent by eagerly awaiting the second coming of Jesus. As we watch and wait for His return, let us long for the real substance of this season (and every season) and not the shadows. During the Christmas season, many make it all about the gifts and the food…while those have their place and can be great, they are simply shadows of the real substance that we need and all long for…the real substance is Jesus.
Questions to ponder:
So this season, how can we keep proper perspective amidst the hustle and bustle of this season? How can we pursue Jesus as the treasure that we all need?