Welcome Mr.Phelps

QIC: Rainman
Date: 12/07/2017
PAX: Angus, Ohms, Flemish, Laces Out, Stairmaster, Chief, Prosciutto
AO: Hill City


38-39 degrees… Not as frosty as was expected..

The Disclaimer

Welcome to F3, I’m Rainman I’m on Q today. Know that I am not a professional. You are here of your own free will. We will work hard, modify if needed. You cannot sue us, so we will just help you get to your car. (literally has happened)
From shovel flag, Mosey to the lot by the Great Hall.
SSH x 15 IC
Lunge Half-Lot
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Lunge Other Half of the Lot
Imperial Walker x 15 IC
Broad Jump Half of Lot
High Knees X 15 IC
Broad Jump Other Half
Smurf Jack X 15 IC
Lunge Half of Lot
Merkin x 15 IC
Lunge Other Half
Squat X 15 IC
Mosey to start where we of course finished COP with the infamous…
The Thang
After a mosey back to the Love Shack it was time to do the dang thang at each light pole.

  1. Bear Crawl to first light pole ——— X 10 Iron Mikes IC
  2. Michael Phelps to second light pole (Like a bear crawl, right arm stroke, left arm stroke, pike under, reverse pike under) ——— X 20 Arm Circles IC
  3. Bear Crawl to third pole ——– X 30 Imperial Walkers IC
  4. Michael Phelps to Fourth light pole ——— X 40 Squats IC
  5. Bernie Sanders uphill
  6. Mosey down —– X 16 Alternating Shoulder Taps
  7. Rinse and Repeat X 2

Due to the fact that we were training to win gold in the olympics, MOM was nowhere to be found.
Count O Rama
Name O Rama
Moleskin: “The greatest enemy of the best is not the worst, but the good. You won’t settle for the worst, but we often settle for the good.” Try to give of your best when the opportunity rises.
Circle of Trust