But, it goes to “Elebun”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xgx4k83zzc?rel=0]

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 12/11/2017
PAX: Best in Show (Respect), Snowflake, Stairmaster, Steam Engine
AO: Beat Ridge


27 degrees… chilly but not impossible; after all, we’re men not petunia’s

The Disclaimer

Hi, I’m Prosciutto and today is the Eleventh of December. What’s that mean? Well, it means you’re here by your choice – I am not a professional and will not force you to perform any of the movements in the next 45 minutes; that is of your own choice. Push yourself, but stop if it hurts or modify if that’s better. Don’t be an idiot – you have other places to be today, tomorrow and the day after that. Remember that. Welcome to F3, let’s go!

From shovel flag, Mosey to the auxiliary lot (11 Burpees OYO at every ~.25 mile)


Seal Jacks x 11 IC
IW x 11 IC
Peter Parker (w/ Merkin) x 11 IC
High-plank x 11 IC
Side plank x 11 IC
Other side x 11 IC
Hillbillies x 11 IC
Slow-Tempo Merkins x 11 IC
** Keep feet suspended – No rest for this portion **
Flutter kicks x 11 IC
Dolly x 11 IC
Flutter kicks x 11 IC
Mosey to nearby duck pond steps

The Thang

Using steps for dips & squats (all OYO count)
11 dips
11 squats
repeat 3x
11 derkins
11 lunges
repeat 3x
11 irkins
11 squat jumps
repeat 3x
Merkin Wave aka “Wheel of Merkin”:
In a well-formed circle, each PAX single-counts in succession until all PAX have completed the round; when the round is complete, the starting position will then increment and go around again… until 11.
– High Plank – 1 round counting to 11 (“Elebun”)
– Merkin Wave – 2 rounds counting to 11 (“Elebun”) – given that we were only 5 today, we opted to repeat the rounds through to 11; not 10.
– Grave Digger (left side) – 1 round counting to 7
– Grave Digger (right side) – 1 round counting to 7
**Q Note-to-self: It is way more fun to count these with a north Georgia (country-boy) accent. The PAX all seemed to agree with their snickering and laughter rather than #midwifeNoises heard during the Grave Diggers**
Mosey over to a wall and PAX complete BTTW (“Balls to the Wall”) while waiting for the other PAX to return from an out-and-back sprint.
Mosey back starting point (11 burpees OYO at every ~.25 mile)
LBC – 11 IC
Rosalita – 11 IC
Leg Lifts – 11 IC