11 Poles

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 02/12/2018
PAX: Best In Show (Respect), Early Bird, Whittler
AO: Beast Ridge


Gloomy, wet and lots of unavoidable puddles from the 2″+ of rain over the previous 36 hours.  The rain also presented itself as a welcomed challenge during the 6MOM

The Disclaimer

Very important!
1) I’m not a professional
2) You should modify where you feel the need to do so
3) You are here on your own volition
4) Push yourself, but don’t be an idiot – you have places to be today, tomorrow and the next day; do not hurt yourself!
5) Welcome to F3!


Given the 12th day of February – everything will be 12 reps…

Seal Jacks x 12 IC
IW x 12 IC
Peter Parker (w/ Merkin) x 12 IC
High-plank x 12 IC
Side plank x 12 IC
Other side x 12 IC
Hillbillies x 12 IC
Slow-Tempo Squats x 12 IC

The Thang

Route 66: An exercise in which you start with 1 rep at a predefined stopping point, then add one additional rep at intervals until you hit 11 stops. We used light posts with runs in between each increment. Sum of 1 full Route 66 = 66 reps; imagine that!
Route 66
Plank Jack – Mountain Climber – Burpees:
In the spirit of the Februburpee monthly challenge, YHC was exploring another variant of the standard burpee.  Thus, the Plank Mountain Burpee was born; this one will need a name due to the high volume of suck.

The movement from standing position goes down to a kick-out plank, 1 plank jack, 4 mtn climbers, standard merkin and pop-up to standing position and jump squat; that’s 1.
PJMC reps 1-11
Squats reps 1-11
Two rounds of the Route 66 was enough and we were almost out of time…
Two-space suicides in the parking lot – there are roughly 12 parking spots/suicides in total

Mary with Rain:

– LBC x 12 IC
– Rosalita x 12 IC
– Leg Lifts x 12 OYO
**Pass the lead to Whittler
– Reverse Pickle Pounders x 12 IC
**Pass the lead to Best-In-Show
– American Hammer x 12 IC
**Pass the lead to Early Bird
– Pickle Pounders x 12 IC


Mr. Clean’s service opportunity to feed the less fortunate families/children in the area
Chattanooga Marathon Relay
Friday Breakfast Club this Friday (City Cafe)
Go Ruck Tough (Chattanooga) – August
Tough Mudder (Nashville) – September

Upcoming Qs

2/13 Stairmaster
2/14 Ohms 2/15 Laces out
2/17 Vila