5K Ruck & Run at The Griff

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 03/19/2018
PAX: Ohms & Steam Engine
AO: The Griff


Cool. Mid 50’s. 

The Disclaimer

Since this a ruck, please be extra aware of your surroundings and watch your six.  Welcome FNG!  This is much different than the typical workouts here in F3, so YHC encourages you to visit Hill City, The Griff (again), The Landfill, and/or Beast Ridge to get the full effect of F3!  If possible, please obtain a headlamp, as well as, reflector bands for future rucking on Ruck/Run days.


Easy Pace, 15:59

The Thang

Final 2.1 Miles of the 5K
Mile 2 – 15:44 Pace
Mile 3.1 – Pax Slung the Packs, Finish with a 10:30 Pace


YHC is slightly taller than the rest of the PAX in attendance, so Ohms jokingly asked “how do you walk so fast?! I’ve got two speeds: slow walking or running fully blast”  Isn’t that the way as HIM we should be?  We either take a planned rest to recover physically, mentally, and spiritually, or we give 100% of everything we have in everything we do. Yes, a cliche, “always do your best”


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Upcoming Qs

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