Flying Solo in The Huey

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 03/20/2018
PAX: The Gloom
AO: The Huey


55 degrees.  Extremely foggy so the Gloom was extra heavy.  Very humid.

The Disclaimer

The disclaimer was given swiftly and the beatdown began.


Finkle Swings X15
Alternating Toe Touches X15 IC

The Thang

YHC is attempting to provide an opportunity for our Soddy Daisy consortium of brothers to have a more convenient location to post in The Gloom.  The hope, as stated in Field of Dreams, “if you build it they will come” or, more appropriately, “if you post they will come”.  Ironically, YHC and fellow F3 brother Prosciutto discussed a mirrored beatdown with ALARMs and YHC almost slept through his alarm. However, should a Pax arrive with no Q, we would surely fail at our future AO.
YHC once again brought the rotors for coupons today as The Huey fails to provide an ample supply of DeWayne’s (rocks).

ALARM Rotations 


Shoulder Press x15 OYO
Lunges x15 OYO
LBCs x15 IC
Run 0.25 Miles
Merkin x15 OYO


Shoulder Taps x15 IC
Squats with Coupon x15 OYO
Superman x15 IC
Run 0.25 Miles
Merkin x15 OYO


Shrugs x15 IC
Monkey Humpers x15 IC
Crunchy Frogs x15 IC
Run 0.25 Miles
Merkins x15 OYO


Curls x15 OYO
Squats with Coupon x15 OYO
Plank x15 IC
Run 0.25 Miles
Merkins x15 OYO
Extended Mosey – 1.25 Miles


YHC had a moleskin planned to inspire this new AO and talk about growth within F3 Chatt along with the importance of commitment.  Well, the Lord had other plans as YHC solo posted this morning, so here is to hoping the committed Pax read this moleskin.
In a conversation with Angus, the idea of better marketing for F3 Chatt was discussed.  YHC stated this to simply create a talking point about the length time in which “the word” of gloomy beatdowns made it to YHC.  However, it was perceived as something slightly different, enter the inspiration for today’s moleskin provided by Angus.
“This thing doesn’t really need marketing as much as it needs people caring enough to keep people accountable.  That means a whole lot more than call outs in GroupMe.” AYE!!! (Thanks Angus)
This “thing”, this CSAUP “thing” that we call F3 is much more than a logo, much more than burpees, much more than mumblechatter, much more than ruckership. It’s a family hike with your F3 brother, it’s a random lunch ruck, it’s a Sunday afternoon pick-up b-ball game, or it’s a phone call to check-in. ITS A STINKIN’ BROTHERHOOD forged through adverse conditions.
YHC spoke with CSPAN yesterday and learned a lot.  The conversation led to learning that we hold a bond with this “thing”. You guessed it, we both fight through the gloom (adverse consitions), together in spirit.  CSPAN is a man that served his country proudly, much like our OG F3 Chatt brother Gus, yet he talked to me like we were equals.  He talked to me like a friend.  He talked to me because he believes in accountability that comes in all the hearts resting behind that simple 3.5 inch logo that is F3!
God Bless All of you men who believe in accountability and brotherhood! AYE!!
-Mr. Clean Out


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