ABC – Always Be Cerving

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 03/19/2018
PAX: Angus, The Count (Respect), Ohms, Ringwald, Sidekick, Skidmark, Speed Bump, Whittler
AO: Hill City


55 degrees, heavy fog with half mile visibility, gloomy

The Disclaimer



SSH x 5 IC, High Knees x 5 IC, Hillbilly’s x 5 IC, Wide HK x 5 IC, Mtn Climbers x 5 IC, BAC (F/B), Shoulder Press (per Sidekick — aka ” Ray Lewis’s”), MNC

Mosey around the boob hill and circle back around to the hill cleavage for two ladder’s

Ladder 1: SSH/Merkin – 6:1, 5:2, 4:3, 3:4, 2:5, 1:6
Ladder 2: IW/Squat – 6:1, 5:2, 4:3, 3:4, 2:5, 1:6

The Thang

Mosey down to the great hall to grab some coupons.  As a servant-leader, I offered to grab the rock coupons to the PAX while they took rest.
ALARMS (initially from the January 28, 2017)
– Shoulder Press x 15 OYO w/ coupon
– Lunge x 15 IC w/ rock
– LBC x 15 IC
– Two light pole sprint and back
– Merkin x 15 (IC)
– Shoulder Taps x 12 IC
– Squat x 12 IC w/ coupon
– Peter Parker’s x 12 IC
– Monkey Humpers x 12 IC
– Makhtar N’Diayes x 10 IC – Always fun to describe this one… 

As stated in the exicon: Named for late ’90s Sengalese basketball player at UNC notorious for his elbows. Pronunciation: MAC-tar JIE – rhymes with “sky”.

– Carolina Dry Docks x 10 IC
– One-legged squat x 10 IC w/ coupon
– GMA x 10 IC
– Reverpee OYO x 10
– Minute Plank
**Mosey back to Mt. Madoriyama
Bear Crawl to top/ run back down to start, Bernie Sanders to top/run back down to very bottom of grassy hill near swamp, Run like a human to the top of Mt. M
Mosey to shovel flags
Alarm sounds on my watch and that’s time!


An opportunity to lead is an opportunity to serve and proper execution of each provides a positive example to those around you; at home, at work, in the gloom.  Everyone’s watching, judging and taking notes. Be an example in your leadership and your servitude.
Shared a personal story about being a servant to others from this past weekend.  Prep for Q School, Delivery of Q school, servitude to my family with meals/cleaning/care-taking, etc. I could have mailed it in with Q School, but what good would that do? For the other guys who showed up to be there alongside me, that was an honor and a gift back to me.  If I show them it’s okay to take leadership lightly, they will do the same, and so creates a culture of mediocrity and “fake leadership”.
It’s not a self-brag, it’s not some self-fulfilling prophesy, it’s not sexy by any means and I didn’t get an award or a blue ribbon (not even a PABST!)… It’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s what we’re called to do as MEN. Serving others is a privilege and honor and it should be viewed as such. I’m giving to others what they’ll also provide back in return; a future investment, if you will.  In time, these leaders will give back to me, to us, to F3, to their community and families and co-workers. Why should I sit idly by just taking when I can contribute and give back?
There’s so much to be grateful for, and oh so much to take for granted; keeping a proper perspective in mind and placing yourself third at all times keeps you properly grounded; Selfishness, greed, infidelity, over-consumption and gluttony (Oh, how I love Golden Corral!) are some of the many other consequences to losing that “third” mentality, losing focus and perspective.
Be a servant, be a leader, be a positive influencer today.


– Happy Hour Details are fuzzy;
a) Weds or Thurs
b) Oddstory or Hutton & Smith Brewing
*** keep your eyes on GroupMe & Whittler’s direction for startex
– F3 Chatt on the news tomorrow @ 5am on CBS (WDEF); Angus, Ohms and Prosciutto to Q — set your TV sets and DVR’s to record because no one watches the 5am news
– GoRuck
– Tough Mudder
– Prayers for The Count in his blood solicitation in Virginia (prayers for the community impact)

Upcoming Qs

3/21 – Snowflake – Griff
3/22 – Whittler – Hill City *********VQ ALERT********** #airhornX3
3/24 – Angus – Landfill
3/26 – Best In Show – Beast Ridge
3/27 – Fissure – Hill City *********VQ ALERT********** #airhornX3