How Do You Like Them Abbles?!


QIC: Ringwald
Date: 04/17/2018
PAX: Angus, Candu, Fissure, Laces Out, Ohms, Picasso, Speed Bump, The Count, Whittler
AO: Hill City


Spring time has…taken a vacation. The guys brought out the layers to fight the 35 degree weather. Let it be known that one month ago it was exactly the same temperature.

The Disclaimer

My name is Ringwald, and I am on Q today. This is a peer-led workout as I am not a professional. Modify if necessary but push yourself, if you do get injured we will help you out as best we can.


Great Hall

  • 21s – 5 burpee penalty for not ending together
  • Arm Circles X 15 IC
  • Reverse Arm Circles X 15 IC
  • Chinook X 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
  • 21s – 5 burpee penalty for not ending together
  • Ass Kickers X 15 IC
  • Windmill X 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers X 15 IC
  • 21s – we got it this time yo!

The Thang

Stairs by the Fountain

  • 5 Wheelbarrows Each Partner

Mt. Midoriyama

  • Partner Up
  • Partner 1 carries coupon up and back down
  • Partner 2 performs exercise until all exercises are done
    • 100 Big Boy Situps
    • 200 American Hammers
    • 300 LBCs

Stairway to Heaven

  • Partner 1 box jumps to the top
  • Partner 2 performs flutter kicks
  • Group finished with


No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is. -Ivrin Himmel

Be careful how you climb your career ladder to success because you never know who you may pass on the way back down. -Donald Collins
I mentioned prior to the workout to stay positive. I wanted no one to complain how tired they were, or how busy work was, or how cold it was. I wanted to set the mentality to support each other, to be a motivator, to bring someone else up. Take this mentality and apply it to your life from the time you wake up until the time you fall asleep.


News calendar coming soon.

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