Come on Back FNG

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 04/24/2018
PAX: FNG & Lugnut
AO: The Huey


59 degrees. 94% humidity. The Huey’s nice stream was overflowing it banks, the infield was extremely soggy, well, it was gloomy outside.  Conditions assessment – exactly PERFECT weather for F3 and and FNG. 

The Disclaimer

This is F3, it is a free, peer led workout and you are here on your own free will.  Push yourself but modify if necessary.


Capri Lap
SSH x18 IC
FInkle Swings x10
SSH x15 IC
Alternating Toe Touches x12 IC
FNG Arrival
SSH x12 IC

The Thang

YHC has had a rough couple of weeks between battling sickness, trying to stay devoted to “my” AOs, and planning for Special Olympics.  However, committed men were waiting under a lamp post to circle up and get the beatdown they expected and deserved.  Today’s activities 0532 – 0617…
Take Lap
Lap 1 (Together) – 20 Merkins @ each Lamp Post
Lap 2 (Together) – 30 Squats @ each Lamp Post
Super 21’s 
Ascending Shoulder Presses to Descending LBCs
120 Merkins
180 Squats
66 LBCs and 66 Shoulder Presses
(Time caught us)


Today’s moleskin took its own little turn as we welcomed an FNG. I outlined the importance of this thing we call the COT, and the importance of our willingness to open up to each other to truly form a lifelong bond. I gave examples of some of the many things I’ve heard when brothers have opened up. I ended with the challenge that our FNG return to get his name at an established AO and learn more about the camaraderie that happens here.


FBC @ LongHorn at 0600. OTB run for those interested led by YHC and Steam

Upcoming Qs