Adding Consecutive Burpees


QIC:  Fissure
Date: 05/10/2018
PAX: Ringwald, Picasso, Angus, Flemish, Ohms, Ducktales, Sidekick, Speed Bump, The Count (Respect)
AO: Hill City


66°, Clear, felt like 77°, Humidity 76%, Wind 4 mph South

The Disclaimer

This is F3.  I’m not a professional.  Try hard but don’t hurt yourself.

The Thang

Mosey from the vicinity of the Blue Rhino to walking bridge
Commence 20 x Squats IC, 10 x Lunges IC at the beginning, middle and end of the bridge, mosey in between
Mosey to the steps at Ross’s Landing
Commence consecutive burpees starting with 10 on down to 1 with box jumps up the steps in between.  Some used step ups in place of box jumps for modification or incline merkins and dips on the bottom step.
Mosey back to the Blue Rhino
MOM consisted of wheel barrows around the blue rhino.  Switch after each loop until time called.


A couple dedicated PAX grumbled about their sore legs as this week has been pretty leg heavy.  YHC felt a little bad having to miss The Griff yesterday but it appears the grumbling was warranted after the leg thrashing administered by Picasso.
There was further mumble chatter about shortcuts to adding up how many burpees we enjoyed today.  Here’s an informative link to adding consecutive numbers,, and we did 55.  You’re welcome.
The word of the day was Generosity.  It’s important to give of yourself – to your family, friends, job, etc.  This is modeled at every workout when the Q puts time into the beat down we all enjoy.  It was noted that the best motivation to show up is knowing your friends will be there to help make us all better.


FBC – Longhorn 0600
Nashville GoRuck – Father’s Day Weekend

Upcoming Qs

05/11/2018 – Mr. Clean
05/14/2018 – Sidekick
05/15/2018 – Laces Out
05/16/2018 – Ohms
05/17/2018 – Rainman
05/19/2018 – FLAG FOOTBALL!!!!!!!