Just Go for a Run

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 05/10/2018
PAX: Cherry Log & Geiger
AO: The Huey


64 degrees.  Heavy cloud cover.  Halfish moon this morning.  Low humidity.  HIGH pollen count…

The Disclaimer

This is F3.  You are here on your own free will.  Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.


Light Mosey

The Thang

YHC decided a smartsack was much needed but alas, HCs were there and no man should stand under the lamp post alone.  However, with some injury, YHC decided to invoke the “unofficial AO” rule and call an audible to bootcamp.  We decided to do something a bit different…
Any Pax involved in the Cam Run last year knows about Cameron Bean, his story, and the machine he was.  His lived by the creedos/mottos “Just Go for a Run” and “Do You Want to be Good or Do You Want to be Great?!”
Just Go For a Run
2 Mile Run
Back to the Park. Mosey Laps. At the completion of each lap do the following exercises
Plank x 20 IC
Don’t Cross Dolly x 20 IC
Total Distance Covered 3.25 Miles


YHC was very appreciative of all the Pax that attended this morning.  As we are taking flight at The Huey, we currently only have a single consistent Q.  The body needs rest, but the will to help others often overcomes the fartsack or smartsack as was the case today.  Therefore, we did some recovery running and core work.  Thanks to the men that stay committed. 


FBC – Longhorn 0600
Nashville GoRuck – Father’s Day Weekend (contact YHC if you are interested)

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