Team HC

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 05/12/2018
PAX: Best in Show, Cable Cutter, Candu, Early Bird, Fissure, Prosciutto, Snowflake, Sundance, Wort
AO: Landfill


65 degrees. Very humid. Day had broken quite well.

The Disclaimer

This is F3. You’re here on your own free will. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.


SSH x32 IC

Cherry Pickers/BAC/Reverse BAC 10/10/12
Finkle Swings x16
Wave of Merkins

The Thang

Pure exhaustion had set in for YHC and efforts to plan a successful workout were not going as, well, planned. Thankfully, YHC was blessed with an incredible Pax that was graceful, hard working, and ready to compete.
Race to the Plank
10 Pax divided into two teams of five to complete a relay. Teams were picked via school yard pick (Best in Show & Sundance).
Shoulder Presses
Don’t Cross Dolly
Each exercise was a 16 in cadence rep count. A pair of team mates ran to a point and completed the first exercise while the remaining three teammates planked while wearing a ruck. Pairs returned. Flapjacked. Rinse and Repeat until all exercises were complete.
Winners – Team Sundance – 32 IC Flutter Kicks assessed on Team BIS.
Round 2 Exercises
Front Raises
21s (Curls)
Hello Dolly
Bent Over Rows
Same process was repeated as above, but PAX completed ruck swings which became upright rows which became shrugs which became…(hey, these are adult men modifying as necessary…needless to say, mumblechatter was quite excessive)
Teams this time- Wort and Prosciutto
Team Wort was the winner and assessed the same penalty.
Strong Finish – Tortoise and Hare (Exercise-12’s)


If you’re unable to make a workout, then it’s ok. If you’re able to make a workout, unsure of situations that may arise, don’t HC, but show up anyway, then that’s ok and pretty cool actually. If you HC AND don’t show, then that’s just plain not cool. If you HC for F3 and back out, then gentlemen that means you’re HCing for other areas in you’re life and not staying committed. So, on this Mother’s Day weekend make sure you’re priorities are in line and when you HC, make sure that HC ACTUALLY carries some weight


HDHH – Contact Whittler for deets

Upcoming Qs

05/14/2018 – Sidekick
05/15/2018 – Laces Out
05/16/2018 – Ohms
05/17/2018 – Rainman
05/19/2018 – FLAG FOOTBALL!!!!!!!