Deck Of Pain

QIC: Laces Out (Respect)
Date: 5/15/18
PAX: Angus, Bogey, Candu, The Count (Respect), Fissure, Flemish, Hardtail, Ohms, Picasso, Prosciutto, Ringwald, Sidekick, Speed Bump, Stairmaster, Whittler
AO: Hill City

Conditions 70 degrees and warm

The Disclaimer “I am not a professional, don’t hurt yourself and modify if necessary. Not as much running as usual with me today.”


Met at the Blue Rhino and then mosey to the Great Hall and meet up with the other PAX from the Love Shack. 
12 Imperial Walkers IC
12 Cotton Pickers IC
12 Mountain Climbers IC
Mosey to the stage at Coolidge Park near the circle.

The Thang:  Deck of Pain

Due to running the 1/2 marathon last weekend, YHC decided to plan a workout without a lot of running…thus the Deck of Pain! So, we shuffled the deck of 52 cards plus 4 generic cards (instructions and jokers). Each PAX took a turn pulling a card and then leading the exercise and number of reps according to the following scenario:
Hearts = Burpees, Diamonds = Big Boy Sit Ups, Clubs = Merkins and Spades = Squats
Face cards = 10 reps and Aces = 11 reps with all number cards = the number
After Whittler cut the deck, Sidekick wanted one last shuffle and proceeded to come up with many hearts (Burpees) on top of deck!! Much mumble chatter throughout the workout. About 1/2 way through, YHC noticed the PAX staying on the ground between exercises and called for recover on feet after each round. Also, 3/4 way through YHC called for squats to be in cadence! Finished strong!! Good work, men!
Mosey back to Blue Rhino for 4 minutes of MOM
20 Flutterkicks IC
15 Freddy Mercury IC
15 Hello Dolly IC
12 Rosalita IC
YHC shared about 1/2 marathon trail run on Saturday, in which my daughter ran with me, encouraging me along the way. Although faster and younger, she kept yelling “You can do this, Dad.” Her accountability allowed me to push through the pain and keep running through the finish. Also, my involvement in F3 Chatt over the last year, the accountability of this group, has pushed me to be more disciplined and able to be physically better, emotionally better and spiritually better! 
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Eccl 11:5
We can help each other be more disciplined with developing good habits. I read this on twitter yesterday from F3 Nation: “Through IMPACT, the HIM helps other men discontinue their negative Habits, minimize time spent on neutral Habits while initiating and ingraining positive Habits.” Let’s do this thing today, men!!

Upcoming Qs

Wednesday-Ohms @ The Griff
Thursday-Rainman @Hill City
Saturday-Mr. Clean @The Landfill