The Second “F”

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 06/18/2018
PAX: Angus, Best In Show, Coin Purse, The Count, Free Bird, Sidekick, Whittler
AO: Beast Ridge


Dew-laden and a bit cooler for a June gloom (~mid 70s)

The Disclaimer

We talked about how the terrain has the potential to reach out and grab you or turn your ankle.  We said you were here on your own decision and that it is to your benefit to do your best and modify if needed.


SSH x 30 IC
BAC x 12 IC (L/R)
Mtn Climbers x 12 IC, Plank, ST Merkins x 12 IC, Plank
LOLs x 10 IC (Left side & Right side)
*Mosey to the bathroom facility nearby; or as Best-in-Show refers to it — “The Doghouse”

The Thang

The theme was fellowship, so each of the movements in today’s Q were done in a 2 or 3 man grouping.
Fellowship 1:
P1 – Air squat -or- wall sit
P2 – Decline wall plank aka Balls to the Wall (just the plank part though, don’t get it twisted)
P3 – Out & back run to the third handicap parking sign through crossing traffic like frogger. First objective is to run, second objective is to not die; best of luck!
RR x 2
Fellowship 2:
*Mosey to the swingset & partner up in 2’s
P1- pull-up hang x 12 IC
P2- Plank
— lots of mumble-chatter and belly-aching about how the dew made for a slipper swing set top-bar. As a result, YHC assessed the situation and called an omaha – shifted the pax to the other kid’s play set nearby for the third fellowship
Fellowship 3:
Pax were instructed to partner up and communicate their intent, their commitment, for the # of pull-ups they can successfully complete on their own.  After self pull-ups are completed, partner will “spot” 3 additional pull-ups.
P1 – # of pull-ups committed
P2 – assists for the final 3
Fellowship 4:
Again, Pax partnered up one more time (finding a different partner this time).
P1 – Woolly Worms x 10 OYO holding P2’s feet, while..
P2 – Completes BBSU until P1 is complete
RR x 3
Fellowship 5:
As a group, mosey over to the soccer field and line up together.
– 5 burpees at one end OYO
– Run to the caution A-Frame sign (roughly ~50 yards)
– 5 Pretzels each leg x 5 IC
RR until time


It’s been over a month since my last Q and, frankly, I’ve missed it dearly.  I always enjoy connecting with the pax through a gloomy beatdown.  But, also, in other ways.  This past month I’ve had opportunities where guys have unselfishly committed their time or their tools to help me get some things accomplished at our new home.  5 guys, one day, came up to move some logs around… took me about 10 minutes to get 5 HCs.  That felt like a real slam-dunk.  I don’t know of any other thing where this sort of commitment and accountability exists amongst men.  It was a moment of pride and a moment of validation, for something that I myself have aligned with to make me better. In-turn, it has also given back and I have received. What an incredible feeling.
In searching for a theme and a moleskin, I did some browsing around and found a great one centered around fellowship, so it seemed appropriate to deliver this morning.
This is a paraphrased version from “NASA” (out of Fort Mill AO):

Fellowship involves effort towards mutual trust, reliance, respect, acceptance, accountability, and vulnerability, creating a bond that is more than friendship.

We as men, old or young, tend to carry all of our burdens on our own shoulders. We let self-perceived things like fear, anger, pride, prejudice, shame, expectation, and guilt prevent us from lightening those burdens through developing a fellowship with others.

It takes a brave person to make themselves vulnerable to try to develop a fellowship with someone else, but when you do it becomes a blessing. Life changing. Forging a fellowship allows all the walls we each build around us to protect ourselves from each other to come down.

It all starts with trust and making yourself vulnerable to others. So, seek fellowship, find a battle buddy


Where’s Huey Lewis when you need him?
Not much on going on from this morning’s chat…

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