Stand United

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 07/07/2018
PAX: Best in Show(Respect), Big Bang (Nomad), Candu, Coin Purse, Free Candy, FNG-Hard Hat, Leftovers, Ohms, Picasso, Ringwald, Sundance, The Count (Respect), Threeskin, VSquared, Wort
AO: Landfill


Pleasant considering the past week. Wet Grass. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. 71 degrees.

The Disclaimer

This is F3. I am Mr. Clean and in charge but not a professional. Modify if necessary, push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. You’re here on your own free will.


SSH x 15 ICPlank x 5 ICMid Plank x 10 ICLow Plank x 10 ICPickle Pounders x 10 ICFinkle Swings x 10 OYO3 single file lines. Complete the following in 20 yd increments…Karoke, Shuffle, Bernie Sanders5 Up/Downs to Finish COP

The Thang

YHC loves the Landfill, music and stations always seem to be popular there as well, so all were involved with thoughtful planning.
Pax moseyed to Ohms truck to retrieve coupons and returned to stations. Each were explained (with copious amounts of questions and mumblechatter), the music and fun began!

Summer Football Drills

Pax rotated at the completion of each song. Along about 3/4 of the way through, Ringwald mentioned the great idea of the Block Rocker as a coupon…station 7 carried it for the remainder of rotations.Merkins — Agility Ladder StationInverted Rows – Shuttle Run StationShoulder Press — 4 Cone Drill Station (Sprint, Shuffle, Bernie, Karaoke)Curls — Agility Ladder Station (Two Feet In–Two Feet Out) Dips — Shuttle Run StationBent Over Rows — 4 Cone Drill StationBench Press — Run to CouponShrugs — Run to Coupon

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

YHC felt all the Pax needed to carry their own theme song, so we lined up, one pax ran with block rocker to a point, returned, pax held plank and 6 inches, rinse and repeat until ALL Pax had carried coupon.

Tunnel of Love to Finish


The moleskin changed during the count to something close to what follows…Coin Purse was standing next to Best in Show. The eldest and youngest of the group, an age range of 36 years, one headed to fight for his country while another fought for his country, and BOTH were united in the adversity of the day. F3 is open to all men, not for every man, but those that do take the DRP May just observe something really great and inspiring as I did this morning. A special thanks to Angus for his efforts to grow F3 and make it for every man of F3 Chatt!


PLEASE make sure you check Slack or get with your AOQ.

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