Beatdown @ Beast Ridge

QIC: The Count

Date: 07/23/2018

PAX: Early Bird, Best In Show (Respect), Whittler, Threeskin, Fissure, Stairmaster, Wort

AO: Beast Ridge

Conditions: 67 Degrees, dark 🙂 , No FNG’s, all PAX understood Disclaimer.

Warm Up: SSH (25 IC), Abe Vigoda (slow Windmill, IC 10), Steve Earle (4 Count, IC w/Hillbilly on 4th Count, 15 total).  REPEAT.  Mosey to Soccer Stadium (by way of Picnic Pavilion and Playground), doing Black Snake Indian Run (Indian Run with last runner weaving in and out of line until they reach the front).
Routine: Hindenburg BLIMPS, 4 corners (50 Yards apart).  AYG (sprint) to first corner #1 Perform Exercise.  Run to second corner #2 Perform Exercise.  Run to third corner #3 Perform Exercise.  Run to forth corner (Home) #4 Perform Exercise.  All hold Al Gore or Plank until six completes.  Six circuits: Round #1- Ten Burpees.  Round #2- 20 Lunges.  Round #3- 30 Imperial Walkers.  Round #4- 20 Merkins.  Round #5- 50 Plank Jacks.  Round #6- Squats (25, 20, 15, 10).   Finish with AYG to Center of Field and 4 MOM’s!
Moleskin: Shared about young couple that encountered complications after the birth of their second child.  Baby had very low Platelet Count, but 1 day after delivery Mother was at Blood Center to give platelets to help her newborn son.  Message is, that life is going to be set with all sort of personal setbacks, and not only is it important how we react to them, but we need to understand that our F3 Brothers are here to reach out to and lift these issues that arise to GOD in prayer.  Also, to be there just to talk to, when you feel you need someone outside your immediate family and maybe work to talk to.