The Mendoza Line

QIC: Whittler
Date: 07/24/2018
PAX: Candu, Wort, VSquared, Laces Out, Ringwald, Ohms, Sunshine, Care Bear, Free Candy, Flemish, Speed Bump, Early Bird, Moondance, Snookie
AO: Hill City



The Disclaimer

Disclaimed. Some new faces but we’ve all been here and heard this before.


Mosey To Great Hall
Carolina Dry Docks
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Willie Mays Hays
3rd grade exercises
Arm Circles
Shoulder Press
Cherry Pickers
Hammer time/white guy dance
Plank Jack

The Thang

Today we commemorated the 35th anniversary of the “Pine Tar” incident on July 24, 1983.  Because the pine tar was only supposed to be 18 inches, we were going to do 18 reps.
To warm up the legs, we first did a little F3 railroad.

F3 baseball

Home Plate – Dips

First Base – Big Boy Situps
Second Base – Half Burpees
Third Base – Merkins
We did 18 reps at each station and then rotated.  Once the PAX had made it at least two rounds, we reconvened at the stage.
Incline Merkin x 10
Derkin x 10
Dips x 10


Namearama done


The Mendoza Line
George Brett first described the Mendoza Line as a batting average of .200 or less.  He defined this as the epitome of mediocrity and thought that no major league baseball player should hit below this mark.  We all have our own “Mendoza Line” which we should strive to be above.  Go beyond the mediocrity.  We all have the intrinsic ability to overcome mediocrity but it is a choice whether or not we use our God-given abilities to do so.


F3 Knoxville is inviting us to gather a team for the Tough Mudder in Atlanta on October 20 (and yes, for you Bammers this is the 3rd Saturday in October).