Don’t Let “It” Weigh You Down

QIC: Ringwald

Date: 07/26/2018

PAX: FNG-Back Pew, Bogey, Cable Cutter, Dutch Oven, Flemish, Free Candy, Headshot, Laces Out, Magellan, Moondance, Ohms, Sidekick, Snookie, Speed Bump, Sundance, FNG-Utters, VSquared, Wort

AO: Hill City


A glorious 64 degrees. No humidity in the air, and the breeze was perfect.

The Disclaimer

I am not what one would call a professional. You are here on your own free will. You were not forced to come this morning, but we will help you out somehow if you pull or tear something.


The Great Hall

Imperial Walker X 15 IC
Ass Kickers X 15 IC
Squat Formation
Seal Claps – Front X 10 IC
Seal Claps – Up X 10 IC
Cherry Pickers X 10 IC
Right Hand Up – 10 IC
Left Hand Up – 10 IC
Low Plank X 10 IC

The Thang

I recently received my GoRuck plates, so I thought we could break one in the right way. A PAX will carry the coupon the entire workout unless the group is performing an exercise together.

Mosey to the beginning of the walking bridge.

Wave of Merkins
Each PAX performs a Merkin, except for the PAX in front of the coupon, they perform a burpee with the coupon. The group then rotates to the right. Repeat until everyone has gone.

Coupon Brigade
PAX makes a line shoulder-to-shoulder. The starting PAX passes the coupon to the next PAX and runs to the end of the line. Each PAX follows suit until we reach the halfway point of the bridge. To spice things up I added burpees after you get to the end of the line.

Mosey to 3/4 of the bridge.

Tricep Dips
All PAX performs 10 single count dips IC. The starting PAX puts the coupon on their lap and performs dips, then passes it to the next PAX. Rotate until all PAX have gone. 190 total dips.

Come back to the beginning 1/4 of the bridge.

Coupon Carry
One Pax carries the coupon to the end of the bridge and sprints back while the remaining PAX performs varying MOM exercises called out by Q. the second PAX goes and retrieves the coupon and brings it back. Repeat until everyone finishes.


Named Back Pew and Utters


I used the weight as a symbol to recognize that we all have things that we carry around. Bad vibes, bad attitude, bad relationships. We cannot truly relax, breathe, be okay until we get rid of the weight that we carry. Work to rid yourself of your “weight”. Aye.


I will be filling out the Hill City Q schedule for August by early next week. Message me dates you cannot Q if you know I am going to put you on the schedule.