Circuit City


QIC: Lugnut
Date: 07/24/2018
PAX: The Count (Respect), Fissure, FNG – Turtle, Kodak, Leftovers, Mr. Clean, Radiohead
AO: The Huey

Conditions- Warm, but not to warm, a little humid.

The Disclaimer

I am Lugnut. I will be your Q today. You are here on your own free will and you did not pay for this. Push yourself, do not hurt yourself. In the event you do, we will help you to your car.


Mosey 1 lap around the track
SSH x 20 IC
Cherry Pickers IC
Cotton Pickers IC
SSH x 20 IC

The Thang

YHC informed PAX that we would be running a circuit, with noticeable groans from the peanut gallery. 
Circuit City
PAX were instructed to pick a partner for each circuit. Each circuit would consist of running to each light pole and performing increasing reps of the chosen exercise. PAX were instructed to learn at least one fact about their partner during the circuit.
Circuit 1 – Burpees
Circuit 2 – BBSU
Circuit 3 – 4 Count Pickle Pounders IC  (YHC was informed his cadence was off, YHC informed NANTAN that it was not as he was with The Count.
Circuit 4 – Merkins
Circuit 5 – American Hammers
Circuit 6 – Bernie Sanders, Karaoke, Bear Crawls (YHC took a dose of humble pie and had to modify. A very outstanding HIM reminded me that “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it) Point understood and taken.
We had time for 1 MOM – Fissure Kick (6”)


YHC reminded the PAX to be authentic with everyone they encounter in their day to day. By asking questions and showing genuine interest in someone else you can change their outlook on the day or even better their life. Be an authentic person in all aspects of your life.


As mentioned above I had several moments when I thought I was out of gas. It was brought quickly to my attention and I corrected. From now on I will only Q what I can do. 
There was also a complaint of lack of instruction. Upon further investigation, it was determined that ears were closed during the said instruction. Just kidding Fiss!!!


Still Hollow Half – August 4th
GORUCK TOUGH August 17th
Cam Run – August 25