VJ Day


Date: 08/14/2018
PAX: Fissure,Geek Squad, Hardtail, Milkman, Postman,  Radiohead,
AO: Huey

Perfect August Pre Dawn

The Disclaimer

Started the Beatdown with, 15 Imperial Walkers in cadence, was a little fast then reeled it in.

Followed by 20 SSH in cadence then a lap around track, to the basketball court.

next were 10 Bobby Hurleys on your own, followed by 10 walmart burpees. we then ran to the back road behind park and back to back parking lot light pole.
at the light pole we did 10 apollo creed burpees on our own. Followed by a run around the track to the watchtower.
Up in the watchtower we did some zebra butt kickers in cadence.
The Thang
The Beep Test
We did the Beep Test – when someone was not able to keep up you would do SSH  and hop back in for a sprint until there was only one left. We did not go all the way to the end to continue a beatdown for us all, but fissue won. at level 3.2




On this day in 1945 was VJ day, thankfully and talked about what those men had to go through.


GORuck this weekend, Cam run next weekend