QIC: [Ducktales]

Date: [2/23/2022]

PAX: Rodeo, Flint, Radar, Sunscreen, Lanyard, Best in Show, White Glove

AO: Ridgecut


56 and sideways rain, the waterfall on Montlake road was RAGING on the Qs journey to ridge cut us.


Triangle pose, forward fold (focusing on breathing during each pose)


[40 lb sandback, 40 lb iron dumbells, 45 lb iron dumbells, 60 lb sand bag, various bricks and blocks.]
Mosey to wall

IC Muhammad Ali (while holding 90 degree legs

IC Joe Frazier (still on the wall)


Circle up to not get strung out holding plank, slow low pushups IC

TO Exhaustion With Coupon

Curls, then held plank til 6 could not produce any further reps

switch coupons,

overhead presses

recovered to our 6s flutter kick IC

Switch coupons, overhead squats

recovered to our 6s again AMERICAN hammers IC (yes touching the ground and with our feet off the ground)

Switch coupons, Curls to Al Gore

5 Burpees OYO

Rifle carry coupons to 50 yards

RECOVERED on our 6s flutter kicks

Superman IC

Boat to Canoe IC

Mosey back to wall, Overhead claps, seal claps

Back to coupons RIFLE carry back to truck

Curls til exhaustion, Al Gore

Prosciutto’s Favorite Merican served 3 ways( wide,Standard,diamond) 5 rounds OYO

put up coupons and wall sit by the non smelly BX dumpster and homage to Mr. Clean Bus Drivers IC

Ran up the hill

slow low squats IC


side plank Left, then Right


Every Man has his own Jester – man’s temptation of the flesh
Some terms to keep your Jester in check


The horizontal relationship between men. (Q1.7).


Foundational precepts that protect and Incentivize Acceleration to Advantage.


Flink earned his name today showing up on a gloomy very rainy start to the beatdown. We confided in our own injuries, and how we were not going to run much.

Best in show made yoga weird, again.


GORUCK Events – Basic: Chattanooga, TN (80th Anniversary) 04/08/2022 19:00

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    12 Rounds of Fun!

    QIC:  NordicTrack

    Date: 07/23/2020

    PAX: Milkman, Radiohead, Slois Layn, Ducktales, Geek Squad, Mr Clean, Cleaver, Dundee, Gretel, Friar Tuck (respect), White Lightning

    AO: Huey


    Humid with a slight chance of Bud Light trucks.


    Stretches of various types.

    Mosey to back parking lot

    Arm workout with no breaks between sets:

    Littlebaby arm circles
    reverse arm circles
    seal claps
    Moraccan Night Club
    Cherry Pickers

    Burpees x10 because of 2 Bud Light trucks

    The Thang

    Begin each round with a Bernie to the opposite side, and a Jail Break back. End each round with a plank until the 6 is in, followed by 10 Merkins.
    12 Rounds of Fun

    1. BBS x50
    2. Bear Crawl to the cones and back.
    3. American Hammers x50 (count each left)
    4. Pickle Pointers x50
    5. Imperial Walkers x50 (count each left)
    6. Pickle Pounders x50
    7. Overhead Press x75
    8. Alternating Shoulder taps x50
    9. LBC x50
    10. “Skypoint” while in plank x25 (count each left)
    11. Leg Raises x25
    12. Crab Walk to the cones and back.

    With 10 minutes left. Hallelujah Mosey to Picnic area. Play If I had a Million Dollars, by Bare Naked Ladies, 2 rep for every “million dollars”, switch at start of every chorus.

    1. Dips
    2. Reverse Merkins with underside of table.

    Mosey to flag for Warm Down Yoga lead by Ducktales and COT.



    Time is the great equalizer. The one resource we all have. Time can only be spent, and we can never get more. Time can be an investment in others. How much time we spend with our families, at our job, watching television, or exercising in the Gloom is a choice.

    Every person on this planet has a finite amount of time. The amount of money we have has no bearing on how much time we have. The amount of time we put into someone or something is more valuable than everything else. My kids will not remember that time I got a promotion at work, or if my team wins the Super Bowl. They will remember the amount time I invested in them (forced family fun).

    The same can be said on time wasted. No one likes to sit in a waiting room, or in a long line. How many times do meetings drag out longer than needed? Ever go to get a drivers license? If someone is willing to use their time, we should be careful not to waste it.

    Choose where we invest time wisely. Respect the person that has invested their time in you. Always be on time. Don’t take more time than you need. Thank everyone for their time. To those that came to this workout. Thank you for choosing to spend your time in the Gloom this morning. I appreciate it.


    Mr Clean informs me he now has 3 songs he hates because of F3.


    Q schedule is available for sign up (Huey) for August.

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      Dora to the pyramids of parliament

      QIC:  Ducktales

      Date: 07/03/2020

      PAX: El Chapo, Rawdog, woodRider, Cavity search

      AO: parliament


      100 percent humidity, hot holiday start.


      Mosy to front door of school.

      5 rounds of sun salutations

      A.B. Pyramid

      Partner up, accumulate reps.

      100 burpees-Partner A 10 burpees while B wall sits
      200 Box jumps- A 20 reps, B air squats

      300 flutter kicks- A 30 reps l, B hold plank.

      200 Air Squats– A 20 air squats, B runs around parking lot island.

      100 burpees, same A, B as start.

      Mosey back and jailbreak last 100 yards


      “I will stand up for the things I believe in, at the same time taking care not to trample on the rights of those who believe differently” -Bette Jean Rapheal

      Love smaller posts and this COT was a perfect example why. After I presented quote and insight, every one of the PAX had a insightful addition. This is the manna men need. As Cavity Search added face to face communication is needed more. If a tweet is read by 5 different people it may be received in 5 different ways. The communication breakdown happens when you just see a text and lack the tone and presentation of face to face.


      • Showed up at 04:15 because of my Jocko body alarm went off before alarm, arrived at 04:15.
      • John Doe and I planned on pre 5k at 04:45, I cruised the parking lot for my first return to Ooltewah high since I played soccer there in 2001. I quickly realized that my plan I had made for lions den burpee apocalypse would not work here. No big hill! And bleachers were still on the track from their recent graduation. I shifted gears and looked at an easy backblast to modify for the parliament. Cape fear has lots of easy stuff to modify to the sharper men of chattanooga. Thank you cape ear for the size 90 font, I could read from the next county.
      • Wood rider showed up for pre run, he’s and inspiration with his January Csaup personal goal of 100 running miles a month. He holds the 100 meter record that still stands that he set the last time he was at Ooltawah high.
      • Great to meet El Chapo, spoke with him on the phone and really look up to this guy, true HIM.
      • Coffiteria with these men at Chick-fil-A is always great! Parking lot distanced party!


      Convergence tomorrow / launch of battlefield

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        QIC:  Ducktails

        Date: 06/17/20

        PAX: Friar Tuck, Back Fire, Back Pew, Ohms, Wake, U-Turn, Care Bear, Skitch, Rodeo, Mardi Gras, CANDU, Flop, Chief, The Count, Mug Shot, Blindside, Moneyball, Vsquared

        AO: Lions Den


        74 clear, waxing 🌙 moon


        Mountain pose, focusing on breathing

        Forward fold, continuing to breath in all the way during each move.

        Rounded back forward fold



        Up dog

        Down dog

        Triangle pose, left then right

        2nd round of flow

        Warrior 1 left, right

        Shoulder stretch

        The Thang

        Partner up with your own coupon
        In honor of Matt we are going to run. Continue in circle

        Partner A: Starts pushups does 10

        Partner B: curls, kettle bell swings, squats with weight. AMRAP Swap and continue as 100 as team.

        2. 200 sit ups 15 and swap

        3. 21. Let by Chief- 21 Mericans, 21 sit ups, plank til 6 in. Decrease by 2 each round til 1 on Last round.

        4. Shoulder blaster with 15 LBC in between.

        5. side plank 5 push ups, other side 5 more

        Marys- pretzel, American Hammer, Flutter Kicks.

        Finished with 20 burpees 💪💪


        6/17/18 Matt Heiden My and Wakes friend left this world. This post was in honor of him. We remember our friends and loved ones that have gone before us by remembering good memories with them. When planning this I reached out to Wake (Sean Bevis) Matt was always in great shape completing marathons but despised running and crushed sit ups and sit ups. We ran non, did over 3500 pushups and almost that many reps of sit-ups and ab reps. I personally had gotten close to know Matt when he was president of the chattanooga water ski club. I was new to board and his leadership and his presence I always looked up to. Matt will always encourage me to be better men.

        Wake and I continue to remember Matt with our band.


        Great suffrage together to honor a friend.

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          Lion of a Pyramid Scheme

          QIC: Ducktales

          Date: 02/24/2020

          PAX: Money Ball, Blindside, Friar Tuck, Roomba, Payload, Oil Can, Chief, Geek Squad, Whittler, Iron Butt, Sidekick, Pebbles, Burrito, Back Pew, Free Candy, Skitch

          AO: Lions Den


          41 degrees with a wind that had me second guessing #steve…. Once I jumped around some a shirt and pants were a good choice.


          Flutter mosey to big hill

          Bernie up hill LBC til all of PAX in

          Mosey down

          Mid way back we circled up in plank for Wheel of mericans. Burrito did 3!

          The Thang

          PBR- Pyramid Bleacher Routine 

          Partner A) explode up bleachers and back down small steps

          While B starts exercises

          100 Merkins

          150 2 count flutters (count left foot)

          100 burpees

          150 2 count flutters AGAIN (right foot)

          100 Merkins

          For the finishers 150 LBCs (Cheaters!)

          Mosey to parking lot.

          Turkish wheel with sandbag. I love these and we are going to continue to sprinkle these in until the PAX are slinging 120 bags like pillows.

          <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

          Still had 3 minutes so we pretzel-ed IC

          flutter kicked IC til exactly 06:15


          Sidekick had to run and this is proof that our Nantan makes the rounds!

          <a href="" class="twitter-hashtag-button" data-show-count="false">Tweet #wordpress</a><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

          Thank you for your leadership. YOU MAKE ME WANT TO BE A BETTER MAN

          Ball of MEN


          Just over 1 year ago I was continuing the EH and got F3 Moneyball out in the Gloom. It was my first Saturday Q at the landfill…. I got the PAX strung out to a record proportion (never pick up the 6 as the Q) To see the growth of leaders that have been impacted by Moneyball record EHing is truly amazing. If you need an AO anywhere Moneyball has 5 friends there and we can launch this Saturday. We met through the Chamber of commerce and Craig is a champion of getting to know you. F3 helps him and myself get our connection for the day out of the way. We share a passion to interact with friends and learn from others and build relationships with new friends.

          Today was the first post that I got to lead with one of my close friends. Known in the early morning Gloom as Chief. I called out the runners for being slow and to catch up to me (the slow rucker). I turned around and chief had turned it on, and was on my heels in milliseconds. From our last fellowship together we gained the Universal knowledge to the guide in ANY situation, while at cigar mans fine local establishment. IF EVER in unknown territory just ask yourself, What would Cigar Man Do?

          Burrito is renamed donkey show until he changes his name in slack.

          Mr. Clean was missed, he is on Q here friday, watch out for the ditch!

          Coffiteria was awesome with Back Pew. This talented man gets to show people the holy land for the first time and loves seeing their reactions. Literally trips to Jerusalem. We started forming a plan to take a group of us on a low budget trip that will involve rucking. Here is a map for our route

          A map of the various routes Jesus took on His journeys to Jerusalem throughout His ministry. Many of the roads in use then, remain in use today. Some have been used for thousands of years. Bible Mapping, Bible Resources, Journey Mapping, Christian Faith, Jerusalem, Christianity, Bible Verses, Maps, Israel


          KEEP EHing PAX to burpee, we need other Regions help to get to our goal of 1,000,000 we are currently over 50,000 of these devilish moves so far for 2020.

          FRIDAY SCENIC CITY RUCKERS! come join us save your knees and still outrun the pax by Ruck training with us! follow us here <a href="" class="twitter-hashtag-button" data-show-count="false">Tweet #wordpress</a><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

          March 4th 8 am to 9 lets F3 it up at a chamber AM networking

          Goruck stars 50 ATL March 7th join Vila and I

 reach out to me. Clean about relay team.

          March 21st 11 am ‪‬ join F3 Huey team

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            Pyramid and 3ish Minute Sets

            QIC:  Escobar

            Date: 02/10/2020

            PAX: Threeskin, U-Turn, Burrito, Milkman, Spackler, Hasbro, Lugnut, Mr. Clean, Geek Squad, Ducktales

            AO: Huey


            Low 40s and wet, but the rain stopped beforehand and didn’t start back until time was called. So mostly perfect conditions.


            SSH x 30

            Pyramid of Run/Merkin/Squat:

            • Run 200m, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats
            • Run 200m, 20 Merkins, 20 Squats
            • Run 200m, 30 Merkins, 30 Squats
            • Run 200m, 40 Merkins, 40 Squats

            The Thang

            3ish Minute Blocks of Single Exercise AMRAP:

            • PULL-UPS
            • DIPS
            • BIG BOY SIT-UPS
            • BURPEES
            • SQUATS
            • FLUTTER KICKS
            • WALKING LUNGES

            (Unfortunately we ran out of time before getting to the Mary)


            To quote Hasbro, “The human body is capable and exceedingly able to go far beyond what our mind says we can do.” We have all heard this more times than we can count. But how true does this statement resonate in your life? How do you know your true limit if you never push yourself beyond what your mind tells you? This applies to the physical nature, but also the greater span of everything around you. Push yourself in all aspects of your life, and see if you can find your limit.


            Huey time strikes again. When planning the workout, I noted we would have 5 minutes of Mary at the end. So… in my mind, we would start the Mary at 6:10. I couldn’t figure out why we had so much extra time towards the end of the workout, so I was adding extra time to the 3ish minute blocks. It wasn’t until 5:59 when someone said, “its almost over”, that I realized my mistake. (I spent the entire time of the Bear Crawls trying to figure out what we were going to do for another 10 minutes before starting Mary)

            Also, Burrito (Scott Simmons) was present, which allowed for plenty of mom jokes and a target for Ducktales’ flatulence.

            Side Note: other than a man walking the track solo, no other workout groups were present.


            Tuff Muff on 2-22

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              QIC: Ducktales

              Date: 11/14/2019

              PAX: couch potato, u-turn

              AO: the huey


              Warmer than the rest of the week, only, laters came off quickly


              Couch was there when I pulled I. To lot at 5 he at least runs a mile to a 5k pre post. The rest of the pax normally does at least 1 to 2 laps mosey warm up as well, way to go Huey men.

              05:15 Mosey to the long lost tennis courts we had not used them in a long time.

              SSH x20 IC
              Windmills x10 IC
              Imperial Walkers x10 IC
              Hillbillies x10 IC

              The Thang

              Sampled this from memphis men


              • 50 Burpees partners – one partner does burpees, another partner bear walks to other foul line and mosey back
              • 100 Overhead Claps partners – lunge walk out and back
              • 150 Merkins – partners – lunge walk out and back
              • 200 Big Boy Situps – partners – lunge walk out and back
              • 250 squats.


              Discussed Daniel Goggins <iframe title=”vimeo-player” src=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
              Mental toughness, getting better.
              BALL OF MAN


              3 in a circle of trust can be awkward, but not as bad as as pax of 2


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                F3 Family Day

                QIC: Multiple

                Date: 10/19/2019

                PAX: Ducktales, Vila, Iron butt, Fissure, Uncle Fester, Skitch, Moneyball, Whittler, Threeskin, Best In Show, Gusher, Loan Shark, outbreak

                AO: Landfill


                Not raining


                Wild Yoga!

                Cat- lots of Cat MEOWS!

                Cow- many MOOs

                Down Dog- WOOF woof

                Up Dog- howling!

                Pigeon- etc

                Eagle- America!

                The Thang

                • 11s squat/ merikin

                Split into 2 groups. Team shakers and team dance off. Dance-off started with cups, slackers started off slacklineing

                • Cups

                Set up 10 cups upside down with different exercises/ things to do. (Thumb war, Dance off, flop like a fish, make up a hand shake, burpee, high five plank, etc)

                • Slack line

                Props to Moneyball for setting up the slack line. Duck assumed everyone knew what a slackline is. if you do not know here is the kid friendly set up. Set up slack line and went under then over then, etc, etc.

                2 groups swapped cup and slackline locations

                Then Pumpkin shuffle

                Relay up hill. No feet moving while you got the pumpkin in your hands.

                Dodgeball and doughnut holes


                CIRCLE OF TRUST
                BALL OF MAN



                No News

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                  Pain buffet

                  QIC: Ducktales

                  Date: 10/15/2019

                  PAX: Gusher, Whittler, Prosciutto, Burrito, Blindside, Money Ball, Laces Out, FNG-Kickback

                  AO: Smackdown


                  52 when the alarm went off, I am creating my own what to where at what temp chart and 52 to 42 is shorts with light base layer shirt.

                  The appetizer

                  SSHs (20x), IWs (20x), Parker Peters (15x), Squats (15x), WMs (15x), Box Cutters (20x), Willy Mays hays (5x)

                  The Buffet Of Pain included the following exercises.

                  First plate


                  • Jumping Lunges (Double)

                  • Big Boy Sit Ups

                  • Wide Arm Merkins

                  • Jumping Squats

                  • Burpees

                  • American Hammers (Double)


                  Second serving

                  • Carolina Dry Docks

                  • Donkey Kicks

                  • Flutter Kicks (Double)

                  • Dips

                  • Diamond Merkins

                  • 100 Yard Dash

                  Still room for more from the buffet


                  Thought that would be enough, and got thrown off on end time, so added wall sits

                  Mohomid ali IC

                  Joe Feaster IC

                  Bus drivers IC

                  Overhead press


                  Bear crawl


                  Reverse crabwalk

                  Burrito mentioned wheelbarrow partner exercises helped him to be world champion of 8th grade wrestling, sooo we partnered up and got better.

                  Partner fireman’s carry

                  Partner wheelbarrow

                  Buffet dessert-better than a chocolate fountain.

                  Inspired by she shed bleachers rounder.

                  5 burpees box jump up row

                  5 sit ups box jump up

                  5 pushups box jump up

                  5 crunches step down and

                  repeat 5 times, shortened to 4 when I realized that the mtn folk end the pain fest at 06:15


                  This post was modified but the COT was straight from a Q from the fort. Thank you Deacon

                  Moleskin: We are constantly feeling good and bad pressures during our journey of life. Life has valleys and peaks with both bad and good experiences. Life is also like a train on parallel tracks, we continually find ourselves between the good track and the bad track. When things go well in life, we are soon challenged with a tragedy or a loss. Remain steadfast. Be aware of when you become unbalanced toward the bad track where evil one awaits. Choose God and move forward.

                  PS This came back up at dinner from my son and that reminded my Wife about her bible study this morning. Probably the best dinner conversation I had today.


                  Lions den tomorrow

                  Saturday Dadurday at landfill!

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                    Manic Monday

                    QIC: Geek Squad and Ducktales

                    Date: 08/26/2019

                    PAX: Geek Squad, Hasbro, U-Turn, Couch Potato, Sponge Bob, Milk Man 

                    AO: The Huey


                    Wet and Wild!


                    SSH x 15
                    Forward Fold x 15
                    Willy Mayes Hayes x 15

                    SSH x 25
                    Forward Arm Circles x 15
                    Reverse Arm Circles x 15

                    Moroccan Night Clubs  x 15
                    Cherry Pickers x 15

                    Overhead Seal Claps  x 15
                    Shoulder Presses x 40

                    The Thang

                    Mosey to the Love Shack – Love Shack DORAs

                    100 inclines while partner moseys to memorial steps and does 10 step ups, then runs out to track and finishes at the Love Shack.
                    100 Dips while partner moseys to memorial steps and does 10 step ups, then runs out to track and finishes at the Love Shack.
                    100 Big Boy Sit-ups; while partner moseys to memorial steps and does 10 step ups, then runs out to track and finishes at the Love Shack.

                    Mosey to track and do Boy Scout Run 2 x around the track back to the Love Shack.

                    Ducktales takes over for the rest…

                    10 Inclines IC using the picnic table  

                    15 Leg raises OYO while laying on picnic table                                                                          

                    15 Pump Style – Couch Potato Inspired leg lifts                                                                         

                    Wall sits

                    Bus Drivers

                    Muhammad Alis

                    Get “Duck-like” Low wall sits                                                                                                            

                    Joe Fraziers                                                                                                                                          

                    Back to the Picnic tables…. 

                    15 decline pushups  OYO

                    20 Step ups (10 each leg) OYO

                    Bear Crawls out to the end of Love Shack and back

                    Mosey to the 9-11 Memorial

                    Discusses Growruck 15 cadre Flash and the honor it was to share a moment with white platoon infront of War of Tears monument Link to war of tears memorial

                    Pax Circled around our 9/11 monument

                    Merkins IC 9

                    Squats IC 11


                    Encourage and pray for each other. Not much for today.


                    September 2nd Convergence at Beast Ridge. Check Slack for Details

                    Ruck Friday sept 21st 9pm