No Excuses

QIC: Ducktales
Date: 09/13/2018
PAX: Geek squad, Milkman, Snowflake, Steam Engine
AO: Huey

Conditions: Almost Fall Yall

The Disclaimer: Not at all a professional.


We got centered with a great Warrior Flow and the classic SSH

The Thang

We get stronger at running because I have been inspired by the other AO I have posted at that run lots, then confirmed by Kodak’s moleskin VQ at Huey where he ran us together because he does not like running either, but we can get sharper together.
5 Walmart burpees
10 Mericans
Wall Squat
While wall squatting we continued
Mohammad Ali
Ask everyone to focus on a target while throwing punches, my father taught me this on our punching bag that I still own, and that I am now teaching my sons and you men.
Continues Wall Squating wiht Joe Frazier
10 burpees

Table leg lifts and lowers

Boat to Canoe
To get us home


I was inspired for this workout by Dreed’s post “NO EXCUSES” we discussed the 5 excusses in detail.  CIRCLE OF TRUST


Growruck12 coming up