One Hot Minute

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 09/29/2018
PAX: Care Bear, Cherry Log, Choir Boy, The Count (Respect), Doodles, Fabio, Free Candy, Geek Squad, Peanuts, Ringwald, Rug Doctor (Respect), Secret Sauce, Sidewinder (Respect), Snowflake, Venus, VSquared
AO: Landfill


65, 95% humidity and 100% chance of getting better, one minute at a time.
You always know when we’re in the 60’s because Snowflake busts out the Gator sweatshirt.

The Disclaimer

Delivered and off we went!


Dynamic Stretch Routine
**Run to Bottom of AO
Merkins x 10 IC
Prisoner Squats x 10 IC
Angle Grinders x 10 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Plank x 12 IC
Hillbilly’s x 10 IC
Plank x 10 IC
Memphis Mommy Makers x 8 IC
* Recover

The Thang

Circle Burp:
Pax circle up, everyone performs the exercise called out and each pax (in a clockwise fashion) has a chance to call ‘Down’. When they do, everyone stops the called exercise and performs one burpee. 17 pax meant 17 burpees at every stop.
Round 1:
SSH & Burpee
* Bernie Sanders to Dog park – parking lot
Round 2:
Squat & Burpee
* Bernie Sanders to next lot up hill
** Pax were given an options, like let’s make a deal, pick between door number 1 or door number 2; door number one was chosen, so the exercise was Mountain Climbers (instead of plank jax; suckers!)
Round 3:
Mtn Climber & Burpee
* Bernie Sanders to playground
At this point, the pax were sucking wind, so it made sense to mosey to bottom of hill, and do one more bernie sanders up the hill to the pavillion.
Red Hot Chili Ruckers:
Pax line up – counting off Ruck’s and Non-Ruck’s (1’s & 2’s). The group of Ruck’s will wear a ruck and run ~100 yards and then do an exercise of 20 reps while wearing / using ruck at the other end; then return back to startex.
Meanwhile, the group of Non-Ruck’s will perform exercises while they wait – in cadence.
When the Ruckers return, hand-off ruck and assume the others’ exercises. When second group comes back, go to next round. This was simple. Of course, the pax made this harder than it needed to be. It’s really really really easy. Even still, the over/under was 300 questions. Since it’s a betting Saturday of football, I took the over, for your situational awareness (FYSA), and won.

Round 1:
Ruck’s: Ruck on – run 100 yards; Prisoner Squats x 20
Non-Ruck: SSH IC
Round 2:
Ruckers: Ruck on – run 100 yards; Ruck off and hold overhead – BBSU x 20
Non’s: LBC IC
*YHC had high hopes for this, but we ran out of time, so all pax return to pavillion, grab a sip of water and then circle-up for 3 rounds of Wheel of Merkin with a twist.
Wheel of Merkin with a twist: First two rounds at every pax all pax did one merkin. Second round was two merkins per pax.  Then, third round was each pax performs 3 merkins himself while all other pax hold plank. Killer!


We discussed the accountability we each need to have for the other.  Check in with one another, even in each other’s absence from time to time. We discussed the mission of F3. Discussed what we mean by giving F3 away to all men who need it


17 is the biggest group I’ve ever Q’d… And it was an honor.  As a result, there were lots of burpees. At least 50 in 10 minutes of linear time.  The playlist was on point; something for everyone. Originally intended on doing something related to the one hot minute theme/album from RHCP, but then called an Omaha. Rucking is going to take off in our region soon enough. Guys were eyeing the rucks and realized they could do it. Cannot wait for the next big Light, Tough or Heavy event. We used english words today, despite twitter trolls suggesting otherwise.


October 13th – Training Day – Convergence with Nashville at the Landfill
November 17th – Cleveland Launch & F3 Chattanooga 2 year anniversary

Upcoming Qs

Go Fish;