The Bear Went To The Landfill

QIC: Rug Doctor
Date: 10/27/2018
PAX: Ducktales, Early Bird, Fabio, Fissure, Free Candy, Geek Squad, Picasso, Prosciutto, Sidekick, Sidewinder, Steam Engine, Whittler, FNG-Tooth Fairy
AO: The Landfill

Conditions 52 F Misty

The Disclaimer – Explained “No fear in anyone thinking I’m a professional”, here voluntarily, work out at your own pace.


Don Quixotes IC x 10, SSH IC x 20, Imperial Walkers IC x 10, Little Baby Arm Circles IC F&B x 10, Mountain Climbers IC x 10, Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 20.

The Thang

The Bear Went To The Landfill

Moseyed up to the Soccer Field from the Parking Lot.

Bear Crawl Snake

The Pax formed a single file line at one end of the soccer field with enough space between each to bear crawl and snake through beginning with the last HIM at the back of the line until reaching the front of the line.  Initially started by dragging 30lb. sandbag (fail).  Pivoted and just had everyone bear crawl.  While one HIM bear crawled the rest planked or crab planked.

Moseyed down the bottom of the hill.

Modified Jacobs Ladder With Farmers Carry

Formed two lines facing the hill next to cat litter containers filled with sand ~ 40lbs. each.  First HIM farmer carried containers up to the top of the hill and performed 7 burpees while the rest of the Pax did bent knee sit-ups, Dolly Partons, Freddie Mercury’s, and other core work OYO and IC.  Everyone had the good fortune of making a trip to the top of the hill for burpees.

Moseyed up to the Soccer Field.

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

Pax formed a circle around a ring of cones.  Assume bear crawl position and crawled around the circle twice (was originally going to be five times but…).  While Pax planked one HIM performed 7 Merkins.  Went around circle until all had the good fortune of doing their Merkins.  I believe Ducktales got baptized in the Spirit as he did clap pushups to show the rest of us how work is done!

Repeated Jacobs Ladder With Farmers Carry and Bear Crawl Snake

Moseyed back to Parking Lot

Finished Up On A Date With Sally

Pax formed a circle in Merkin position while Moby’s Flower Song played.  When Sally went up we went up, and conversely went Sally decided to go down we went down and held.  Some members modified into Al Gore’s.


We’re the summation of the five people we spend the most time with.  Iron sharpens iron so chose who you spend the most time with well.  Surround yourself with those who hold you accountable, support, encourage, and help you reach your goals.


Prayers for:
Pax members who have recently sired offspring!  Good job.
Pax members traveling to conduct hurricane relief work.
Pax members who have recently had family members involved in an ATV accident.
For the Red, White, and Blue.  GO VOTE – It’s a God-given privilege and if we don’t use it we’ll lose it.


  • Qing is as hard as it looks.  
  • Bear crawling looks better on paper than in living color.  
  • Picasso’s brother stated that he’s a bean counter, based on the childhood adventures he described I’d say he has a career ahead of him as a MMA fighter.  
  • Heard some mumble chatter about breakfast, bananas, and eating them twice, once early morning and again during the bear crawls.