Dark Thirties

QIC: Geek Squad
Date: 10/30/2018
PAX: Ducktales, Radiohead, Milkman
AO: The Huey

Conditions 38 F  and brisk

Dark Thirties brought to you by:  10/30/18; 15 rep exercises x 2 and upper 30s temperature.
The Disclaimer – Explained “Welcome to F3. I am your queue today, I am geek squad. I am not a professional. You are here on your own free will. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. Modify when necessary. We will help you to your car if needed. Let’s get started.”


SSH IC x 15, John Travolta  IC x 15, Little Baby Arm Circles IC F&B x 15, Overhead Press IC x 15, Moroccan Night Club IC x 15.  High Knees IC x 15,  SSH IC x 15, Wide High Knees IC  x 15 Warm up lap around the track.

The Thang  –  Donuts (4 laps around the track with the following exercises at light poles)

Part 1 – Light Poles:  Broad Jumps OYO to next pole (Lap 1 & 3)/Lunges (lap 2 & 4), then mosey to next pole, Kareokes facing “Da Choppa” , then Kareokes about face (lap 1-3) / Mosey, Bernie Sanders, Mosey, Bernies (lap 4).  Mosey to Pavillion.
Part 2 – Pavilion:
Laps 1&2                      Lap 3                                             Lap 4
Wall  sits. 15                Merkins  OYO x 15                     Merkins  OYO x 15
Bus drivers. 15            Incline Merkins OYO x 15        Dips OYO x 15
Joe Frasier’s. 15
Ali s 15
Part 3 – Light Poles:
Laps 1-3                                         Lap 4
Plank jacks x 15 SC. Mosey        Mosey to StartEx
Squats 15. SC. Mosey
Shoulder taps – 15. SC. Mosey

Finished Up With Mary

Pax formed a circle
Burpees x 5
Heel touches x15
LBCs x15.
Burpees x 5
Big Boy sit-ups 15



Surround yourself with those who hold you accountable, support, encourage, and help you reach your goals.



F3 Mission: Plant, Grow, Serve
Paul’s letter to Titus was about Paul investing in leadership in his church planter, TITUS! We should all be challenging each other to lead, and to grow you have to be stretched and mentored to become the leader, you are called to be.



Prayers for:
Ducktales – co-worker, Ambrister family dealing with family member’s complications from blood disease.
Radiohead – praise for Flood Buckets for families in Panama City Beach area.
Milkman – pray for flood victims and the volunteers there serving them.


AO changes/ New schedule being implemented –  Huey will be a Monday only starting next week;  Monday & Wednesday- Beast Ridge. Tuesday & Thursday – Hill City;  Wednesday – Lion’s Den;  Fri:  Ruck /Run option.  Sat:  Landfill
December 1st – Service Opportunity for F3. Mark your calendar/save the date, more details will be shared in coming days!