QIC: Ducktales
Date: 11/1/2018
PAX: Geek Squad, Fissure, Milkman, Steam Engine, The Count
AO: The Huey

Conditions: The Mountain thermometer read 55 when I rose from my slumber to embrace the GLOOM



Mosey Alabama Ass Kickers (IC), SSH (IC)

The Thang

1 – one minute intervals, mosey for 1 did squats for 1, did mericins for 1
completed the Greatful dead from excercon…. the Pax loved it. they were not hippies.
moseyed out of park down Dayton Blvd for 1 minute, did 1 minute of squats,
mosey for 1 to next lot did SSH for 1
mosey 1 min, burpee for 1
mosey for 1 , squat for 1
mosey for 1, burpee for 1
mosey for 1, mosey for a few more, back at park we lunged down back lot parking spots focusing on form.
went to back wall, next single round was Ascending Testicles
1 minute of Carolina dry docks
1 minute mosy to huey flag
bear crawl ring a fire modified to duck duck bear.
Alphabet abs to close us out, then a cool down lap round the park.


Fissure reinterated the importance of Countarama, and Namearoma. We all added great wisdom of Respect to show respect.


I did not want to do Post when ask about posting last Thursday before we switch to winter single post at Huey. Milkman when given the option is I need it and we agreed to HC. Iron Sharpens Iron, we pushed our selves and will continue to.

Upcoming Qs

The Count Saturday double respect Q with pre ruckus.