What A Difference A Day Makes!

Date: 11/5/2018
QIC: The Count
PAX: Ducktales, Mr. Clean, Lugnut, Steam Engine, Picasso, Radiohead, Milkman, Geek Squad
AO: The Huey (Veterans Park)
Conditions: 50 Deg F, Wet with slight drizzle
Disclaimer: Disclaimed (No FNG’s)
Warm-Up: Finkle Swings (15/Ea), Tappy-Taps (15/IC), Windmills (15/IC), Nancy Kerrigans (15/ea-IC), 1 Lap around track alternate between Mosey, Bernie Sanders, Side Shuffle.
The Thang:
B.O.M.B.S – Team Up (x2).  PAX 1 Starts with Burpees while partner AYG 25 Yards and does 25 Reps of either of 4 exercises (Curls w/25 lb coupon, Tricep Ext w/25 lb coupon, LBC’s, Side Straddle Hop, then AYG and continue with partner left off.
B = Burpees – 50, O = Overhead Press (25 lb/coupon) – 100, M = Merkins – 150, B = Big Boy Situps – 200, S = Squats – 250
When complete each team should have completed 750 Reps + Approx 400 Reps of Curls/Tricep Ext/LBC/SSH.
MARY Go Round:  Each PAX leads Mary of their choice for 10 Reps.
End EX!  Great Job Gentlemen!!
Prayers for those heard and unheard requests!