4th Time Around The Sun

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 11/28/2018
PAX: Candu, Flemish, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean, Ohms, Snookie, The Count, Whittler
AO: Lions Den


Mid 20’s. Everyone sitting in their car until about 6 minutes prior to beatdown. Then we froze. Fingers & toes

The Disclaimer

Provided while walking very gingerly; hinting that everyone can and should modify if necessary. Also indicated that this was going to be a re-boot of YHC’s F3 birthday


Mind was cluttered/numb with what to do for COP; like a mental tennis match.
Started two minutes late due to audible on coupons since Ohms showed up about 25 seconds after 0530. Mr Clean to the rescue. We mosey’d around the lit parking lot, then YHC found some traffic cones (5 to be exact; perfect) spaced out 5 feet or so each.
Walking 10’s
Starting at the first cone, complete a merkin. Increment 1 merkin at each cone until you return to the first cone. quick math: 55 merkins in less than 2 minutes (recommended reading: Moleskin #5).
In his backblast from 11/28/2014, CSPAN referred to his warmup (COP) as “Old school and old man slow and painful with planks held way too long”. Noted.
** Do not un-plank until “recover” is called **
– Plank x 10 IC
– Left arm up plank x 10 IC
– Right arm up plank x 10 IC
– Peter Parkers x 10 IC
– Plank x 10 IC
– Parker Peters x 8 IC
– Slow tempo (ST) Merkins x ? IC
*Recover as everyone was properly warm
– SSH x 20 IC (YHC was mocked for the single wheel straddle hop)
– ST Squats x >10 IC
(mind went numb after this, cannot remember; sorry PAX)

The Thang

6 Painstations set up 25-50 Yards away from each other in a long rectangle parking lot.
3 exercises per station; 20 reps of each excercise. One time around equals 360 reps of 18 “different” exercises.
1: SSH, Monkey Humpers, Imperial Walkers
2: Flutter, Dollys, LBC
3: CDD, Merkins, Moroccan Night Clubs
4: Rosa, V-ups, Freddy Mercuries
5: Bent Over Rows w/ coupon, Bicep Curl w/ coupon, Squats
6: Calves, Incline Merkins, Decline Merkins.


To quote CSPAN: “It is a disappointing state of our country that we need a holiday to remind us be thankful, especially when we have so many gifts and blessings in our lives. We discussed that the negative of this world becomes our focus, when really if you take a full 360 degree look around to fully understand the blessings you have.”
Well said, brother. To step into that further, I am truly indebted to F3 Fort Mill and CSPAN and all the men who were there at my F3 anointing. I could’ve been Salami, Meat Section, Cold Cut or whatever else some shouted out (“Italian Job” was taken, they said). But alas, they settled on “Prosciutto”. I cannot explain how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to post that day, post here today 4 years later and be part of something so special where we live. Sharing F3 with others is something I love to do and will continue to do. It may not be for everyone; there will be cynics and haters. The shield lock is a real thing. The COT is a real spiritual uplift and Q’ing gives a great sense of leadership and belonging. That’s what I needed that day 4 years ago, but didn’t know it. As I sit here today, I now know that. I’m a much better man today than I was 4 years back. Jay-Z said it best, “What more can I say?”
I requested this morning’s “Ball of Man” (BOM) be a real ball of man, not just fists in the middle simulating a half in-half out feel. The BOM felt right and I will submit that this is how it should be from this point onward in the COT’s. We’re all in this fight together and to feel a man standing next to you and “holding you up” is what we all should feel in the BOM. Aye!


  1. Surprisingly very little mumble chatter. Most folks like to give me a hard time because I’m always razzing others. Easy crowd this morning. I did a better job of riding my own ass.  Man Challenge: Try harder next time PAX.
  2. Even though we all froze in our fingers and toes, there was Mr. Clean sweating – I believe the man could sweat in a dry ice bath. His running temp is a tick warmer than the rest of us.
  3. Speaking of weather temps — this can alter your thinking. My mind went numb when the cold air hit it and I couldn’t articulate anything. Brain freeze
  4. To quote the intelligent Picasso, “What doesn’t Mr. Clean have in his trunk?” is probably the greatest mystery to never be solved. Mr. Clean saved the day with his tetanus-laden brake rotors, though. Perfect for a cold coupon.
  5. Snookie loves to run. Snookie does not love to Merkin. Good thing we only had Inclines, Declines, Regular Merkins and Carolina Dry Docks.
  6. Someone (protecting the innocent) suggested that we get Ohms a clock that works – great idea!
  7. Geek Squad is everywhere. I was in Cleveland on Saturday, he was there, I was at Hill City last week, he was there too. He does OTB rucks with Mr. Clean in Soddy…. Someone get this man the golden glove, turkey, turnover chain, lapdance or whatever the pax are doing these days. He has earned it.
  8. Flemish was supposed to go to Beast Ridge this morning. Missed the exit and just kept on truckin’. All the way to Red Bank City High School Lions Den RB Baby yea!
  9. These Holiday greeting cards are the jam. Thanks Clean! Y’all get some!


Service Project opportunity this weekend. Check-in with Geek Squad and/or Vila for Details.
Launch # 3 in Cleveland; attend as you are able

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