The Frozen Four


QIC: Sidekick
Date: 11/28/2018
PAX: Fast Lane, Oscar, Peanuts
AO: Beast Ridge


23 Degrees and Breezy.  Damn Cold

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  Do not hurt yourself.  Modify where necessary


SSH ICX25; Imperial Walkers ICX20; Windmill ICX15; SSH ICX20; Mercans ICX10; Plank to Manmakers; High Knee ICX20; Baby Arm Circles ICX10; Reverse ICX10; Mosey to the Soccer Field

The Thang

Frozen Four
PAX line up on the first Bleacher step.  Exercise is called.  First PAX sprints across the soccer field to the opposite side while the other 3 PAX perform exercise.  When the mobile PAX reaches the destination, he calls out for the second PAX to sprint.  First PAX performs the exercise.  The exercise continues until all 4 PAX are on the opposite side of the soccer field.  This was repeated 4 times
Ircans; One legged squat (left up); One legged Squat (right up); Dercans; Dips
Mosey to big parking lot
Four Corners
Basic Four Corners
Sprint to first corner – 25 Plank jacks; Walking Lunge to 2nd corner – 5 Burpees; Bernie Sanders to 3rd corner – 20 squats; Bearcrawl to 4th corner – 15 Carolina Dry Docks.
Rinse and Repeat with reps of 30-7-25-20.
Mosey to flag.
Had 45 seconds left so we knocked out some Pretzel Crunch ICX10 per side


We all love F3.  We all hate freezing to death.  It is EASY to fartsack when it is 23 degrees outside.  However, if you love F3 and you want it to continue when it is pleasant outside, you have to commit to the Frozen gloom as well.  Like F3, life is not all roses and sunshine.  Perseverance through the tough times, brings joy and pride through the good times.  We can all commit to Mondays at the Beast for the winter.  If we continue to show and support each other, we will reap the benefits in the spring and summer. In summary, be here, do your part, support your brothers, be accountable and F3 will prosper for the betterment of male community leadership.


Thank the good lord for open bathrooms at Beast Ridge.  This can not be understated.  I will tell you that a 23 degree toilet seat on your bare ass changes a man. 


Beast Ridge on Mondays only going forward

Upcoming Qs

Mr. Clean at Hill city tomorrow, threeskin at the battery on Saturday.  Vila at the Beast on Monday