24 X 2s with a guest cameo from the Great Cornholio!

QIC: Sidekick
Date: 12/8/2018
PAX: 9 Volt (Respect), Deep Dish, Fast Lane, Rhythm, Rug Doctor (Respect), Sidewinder (Respect), The Count (Respect)
AO: The Battery


35 Degrees and Raining.  So basically about as bad as you can get, but hey the wind aint blowing.

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  You are here of your volition.  Modify where necessary.


SSH IC X25;  Baby Arm Circles IC X10; Reverse IC X10; Seal Clap IC X10; Overhead Clap IC X10; Moroccan night club IC X10; Ray Lewis (Shoulder Press) IC X10; Good Mornings IC X12; 3rd Grade Exercises IC X12; Mosey to the tennis court parking lot; Calf Stretch 10 seconds each leg; Ircans IC X10 on parking curb; Frankenstein for 20 yds; Reach Around IC X10 – NEW EXERCISE – Hold Al Gore clap behind your back, clap in front – IC 4 count exercise.  Mosey to Pavilion.  

The Thang

24 x 2s
This is a personal pace routine that allows the PAX to push themselves forward to their limits. This is similar to an 11s routine but with more reps and therefore a much manlier musk.  Start with 22 Dercans.  Run the specified route and back. In our case today, we ran to Fast Lane’s truck ~ 80 yds each way.  Once back, 2 squats.  Run the route and back.  This completes one cycle.
Second cycle is the same but with 20 Dercans and 4 Squats.  Continue in this pattern until you have flopped the exercises.  TIP – the combined sum of the reps for the two exercises will always be 24!
This was just over a total of 3.3 miles with 142 reps of each exercise.
The Great Cornholio
We finished up with just enough time for the Great Cornholio to make an appearence.  This is also new (I believe) to F3.  If you remember Cornholio on Beavis and Butthead, he would basically pull his shirt up on his head and walk around with his hands up like the French in every major battle in history.  So, if you can imagine us walking around like that looking like we were holding something on our shoulders….. insert 50 lb bag of corn.
Two lines facing each other 15 yards apart, 4 Pax in each line, walking lunges carrying the 50 lb bag of corn.  Every PAX made the trip 3 times (had 2 bags of corn).
Mosey to the flag


Praised the guys for their commitment.  Two weeks in a row with Crap for weather.  Good work being accountable to each other.   We talked about the target audience for F3, how to communicate, what to emphasize in an EH.  Good discussion


Morning started out with some good discussion about Fast Lane interrupting a homeless guys Happy Ending at Beast Ridge on the bear skin rug in front of the big fireplace a few months ago.  How he maintained eye contact until he nearly tripped over them before he noticed them.  This was relevant given the homeless guy in the pavilion at the battery last week.  We failed to EH him, he was a no show.
9 Volt and I had a brief discussion about the workout in which I expressed my desire to average 130 bpm for the workout.  he responded by saying “I could just tase you and it would be easier”.  I declined his suggested audible.
I was referred to as a “Evil Genius” for this workout
I may be the only person in F3 history to be both the youngest PAX and the Oldest PAX at a workout in the same year.


Blood drive in Cleveland this week

Upcoming Qs

The Count next Saturday