Attitude + Effort

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 12/13/2018

PAX: Blackhat, Early Bird, Free Candy, Iron Butt (Respect), Moondance, Ringwald, Roadhouse (Respect), Skitch, Sunshine, The Count (Respect)

AO: Hill City


According to my 2003 Honda ViperCast which may be slightly outdated tech at this point, 41 degrees, very little wind off the waterway except some bad air/fumes blowing around Ringwald.

The Disclaimer

Modify if necessary. Give your best effort today. YHC has no knowledge of prior or existing conditions which may limit some movements.

Just after the disclaimer, YHC issued a challenge that each of the PAX keep someone else in mind (whether it’s another Pax who couldn’t be here today or someone else) for whom they can draw inspiration when reps get tough. (More on this later)


(1) Up Straddle Hop, In & Outs, Hillbillies
(2) Fire Hydrant, St Bernard Squats, ST Merkin
(3) BAC F/B, Ray Lewis, Arm Raise, Seal Clap, MNC, Smurf Jacks, High Knees

Mosey to street along/in front of theatre

The Thang

7’s with Mike Tyson’s & Bear Crawls
Starting on the curb, perform first MT then bear crawl (modified; lunge) to opposite side of the road and increment MT until you hit 7

*Zero mumblechatter here as work was done; mosey to rhino

Ab wheel (LBC) x 5 revolutions
Circle Burp | SSH

Mosey to rock pile below purp-skurp rhino

Block Party
(1:2 exercise ratio with coupons); Sanity-check with The Count on maths for clarity
1 merkin on rock – 2 rock curls
2 merkins on rock – 4 rock curls
3 merkins on rock – 6 rock curls
4 merkins on rock – 8 rock curls
5 merkins on rock – 10 rock curls

-10 count-

5 merkins on rock – 10 rock curls
4 merkins on rock – 8 rock curls
3 merkins on rock – 6 rock curls
2 merkins on rock – 4 rock curls
1 merkin on rock – 2 rock curls

Howling Monkeys routine x 5 revolutions

Mosey to purp-skurp Rhino

Curb Calf Raises x 12 IC

LT Dan Taylor
1:4 Ratio – (Squat : Jump Lunge) – until Q calls it – finished at 6 squats : 24 jump lunges

Dixie Stampede (from F3 Nashville) – Pax line-up on their six and alternatively hold 6″ & 18″ (perform Hello Dolly’s until switch is called; 10-10-5-5 all IC)

Infinity Plank:
 – Regular Plank x 5 IC
 – Plank w/ Right arm raise x 5 IC
 – Plank with Right arm & Left leg raise x 5 IC
 – Regular Plank x 5 IC
 – Plank w/ Left arm raise x 5 IC
 – Plank with Left arm & Right leg raise x 5 IC


First: The challenge YHC offered at the start of the workout was a carry over from a quick discussion at Lions Den yesterday. If there’s someone on your mind, make it a point to reach out to them as soon as possible. You never know why that thought crossed your mind, but it was for a reason or there was a purpose. Never miss an opportunity to act upon reason. They might need it.

Second: No matter where you are in life, the two things you can control each and every day are your attitude and your effort. 9 quick hitters I like to remind myself of at-random to ensure I’m on track of this daily regiment:

  1. Be early
  2. Be prepared
  3. Leave your comfort zone
  4. Positive Mindset
  5. Energetic
  6. Be coachable
  7. Do extra
  8. Push others beyond their best
  9. Give praise
  10. Thank God



You can always learn alot when you put monkey humpers in the weinke. First, eye contact with your monkey is paramount. Second, if you wink at it – it doesn’t feel as awkward. Alot of that’s what she said moments in describing the movement and form.

Sometimes even offering a ride cannot beat the fartsack for your FNG. Note: Make sure you have their house key or can enter without fine or violation

Toboggans (i.e. “skully’s”, “beanies”) aren’t really great for 40+ weather; especially when you’re cracking jokes at 5:34am and the regular hits aren’t working. YHC was sweating before the warmup.


Free Candy’s debut Landfill Q on Saturday is Christmas themed; Christmas sweaters (tacky, or otherwise) will be celebrated, not frowned upon. As with all Free Candy offerings, shoes are recommended (not required).

This is the last weekend for the Cleveland launch. The Count on Q